Style It: The Bandana

Scarves were one of the first vintage items I started collecting.  At the time vintage clothes were not yet popular, so scarves were something that were affordable and easy for me to find (and my junior high self loved wearing them as headbands).  I've always kept my stash of vintage scarves because they go in and out of style over the years, and there's always a "new" way to wear them.  This spring one of the latest trends is the "neckerchief," and cute little scarves and bandanas are popping up everywhere again.  I love how this trend hearkens back to the 1950's-60s, when every lady had a scarf accessory around her neck or head.  You can update the look by layering some longer, dainty necklaces with your neckerchief, or try something super unique like wrapping it as a cuff around your wrist or around your purse.  The best part is that this is the one must-have accessory that everyone can afford!  We just got in a brand new stock of classic bandanas in navy, red, white, and gray all just $5 each.  I've added the shop link at the end of this post, but first check out my favorite ways to wear the bandana below!