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What's NEW: Rewined Blanc Collection

I was so excited to come home to a new shipment of Rewined candles yesterday!  Their new "blanc collection" was just released last week and I could not wait to smell all the new scents!  Maybe I'm a little too obsessed with candles, but I was blown away with how amazing and unique each scent was, all very different than anything Rewined has done thus far!  If you haven't heard me rave about these candles yet, they are simply the BEST.  All hand-poured in Charleston, SC and they burn for 80 hours (they seriously burn all the way down to the glass, wasting ZERO candle!)  There is not a single scent that I don't like and the new blanc collection is no exception- I love how fresh and clean these all smell!  Here's a run-down and personal review of all the new scents:

Vinho Verde:  "This zippy white features refreshing notes of bergamont and mandarin orange, balanced with floral undertones of tarragon and ylang ylang."  

This scent is super fresh and clean- reminds me a bit of fresh cotton or linen with a touch of cut grass and some lilac notes (my favorite flower!).

Viognier:  "In this full bodied white varietal, look for vibrant notes of citrus blended with juicy peach nectar and a hint of soft iris."

To me Viognier smells like summer wrapped into a candle.  Peach is deifnitely the dominating scent, but not overpoweringly sweet, and it also has soft, fresh floral notes. 

Zinfandel: "A robust red wine with familiar aromas of tart pomegranate and raspberry mingle with warm vanilla, balance by subtle undertones of amber and cedar wood."

I love the raspberry + pomegranate notes in this scent- very different from all the other more fruity citrus scents Rewined has.  The rich undertones of vanilla, amber, and cedar give this a super complex and strong smell.  

Chenin Blanc: "A zesty, yet dry white varietal, this versatile wine has notes of white grape, ripe apricot, and a dash of ginger.  Look for a soft, sweet finish of white musk and honeycomb."

A very light and sweet scent that is perfect for any time of year.  None of the elements are overpowering but you can smell just a hint of honey, soft floral, and a touch of citrus.  If you love fresh and clean scents, this is a perfect choice! 

Syrah: "Notes of dark fruit and blueberry are paired with nutmeg to complete this full bodied varietal palate.  A punch of flavors from citrus to cinnamon is met with smoky cedar wood and a pinch of black pepper."

Probably my favorite of all the new scents mostly because it's just so different from all the other Rewined scents.  A super masculine mix that is perfect for fall/winter- I think it kind of smells like a super fragrant fireplace or bonfire, which I love!  

Which scent do you think you will try first?  It's so hard to decide- I had to grab one of each for myself! You can shop the new scents from the blanc collection below.



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