I think our first focus should be items for each side of the television built-in and then we can fill the other spaces after that.  

Some ideas for television wall:

1. matching mirrors on each side of tv unit.

2. matching architectural pieces on each side (shutters, old doors, baskets, etc.)

3. blanket ladder on one side; framed artwork or architectural piece on the other side.

If we didn't end up using mirrors on each side of the television wall a big mirror would be perfect above the couch in between the windows too.  Another idea I had for that wall above the couch was a shelf or picture ledge with lots of photos/frames stacked.

Some inspiration photos:


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I would probably choose a white or some kind of metal bar cart/cabinet to break up all the wood in the space.  We could do simple open shelving above (similar to Taylor's) to coordinate and then style everything with accessories/barware.  See some inspiration photos below: