Your bedroom is already gorgeous and the pillows, furniture, and bedding is perfect!  All we need is a few finishing touches to complete everything!  I love the photos you shared, especially the one below.  I think two matching mirrors above each bedside table will really anchor the space and keep the symmetry on each side of the bed.  That might be enough for the bed wall, but if you also wanted some frames above the headboard, we could do a simple, lined up look like below.  Do you like the look of the mirrored silvery mirrors below- or would you rather have something more distressed or white?

I also love the look of this gallery wall below and thought that it might be perfect for some wedding/family photos on that left-hand empty wall.  I think if you decide to do something like this on the left wall I would just do the mirrors above the bedside table and something different above the bed or leave it empty because I don't want it to look like too many frames everywhere!

I love the simple styling of the bedside tables (above and below) and think we could just add one or two things to each to make them feel complete.

Love these bedside mirrors (above) and the soft/light accessories used in these rooms (above + below).

More of a stacked look with smaller mirrors that I also like.  I also love this longer architectural piece as an option for above the headboard!

Love this mix of rustic wood + mirrored elements which is what I'm picturing for your space.


A bit more casual/farmhouse styling with the accessories. 

Love these accessories and the little pop of color!

Bedroom list: 

1. mirrors for above bedside tables

2. frames/wall hanging for above headboard?

3.  gallery wall on left hand wall.  I'm also torn about what else to put here, I'm thinking the frames would be enough and that another furniture piece would just make it too crowded but what do you think?  The only thing that I can think of that would work is a bench and I like how you have yours at the end of the bed.

4. Bedside table accessories: mix of vases/books/trays/etc.

5. A few accessories for the top of your large dresser

6. New laundry hamper

Vanity list:

1. new floor lamp

2. some small wall art pieces

3. new ceiling light fixture/small chandelier?

4. chaise or chair for by the window with some pillows/blanket

5. a small rug or sheepskin?

6. accessories, trays, and pretty organizers for vanity and tabletops

I love this fluffy bench and the pops of gold with the mirrored vanity!

Love this super glam vanity and all the accessories: the lantern, sheepskin, books, trays, and chaise!

Love the pops of gold and pale pastel in here and the overall styling of this vanity.

more vanity/tabletop inspiration above + below

Love how this neutral chair mixes in with the pale pastels and gold touches.

This is only if you REALLY want to go for it in here, but a little chandelier or pendant would be so cute in the middle of the room!  I also love this light pretty rug and the overall styling of the accessories/tables/shelves in here.

Love the trays and vintage silver cups/pitchers to hold brushes/makeup accessories

Dining room list:

1. table runner and centerpiece items

2. new furniture piece for wall

3. decor/accessories for top of furniture piece (maybe do shelves above?)

4. bench/window seat for Sophie

5. new light fixture for over table

6. a few more wall art pieces to fill in as needed

7. rug?

I love this photo you shared as inspiration for the furniture piece in your dining room.  I like that it has closed storage as well as open shelving where we could display serving pieces/accessories.

This would be super easy and really tie everything together in the room- love the table runner, simple white plates, and lanterns!

Also love this centerpiece styling and the beautiful accessorizing of the console table behind the dining table!

Love this style of light fixture and the simple neutral rug!  This dining space has both a closed and open storage furniture option- you can let me know which you would prefer for your room.

Love all the accessories in here too and that old buffet/sideboard furniture piece.

Another example of open shelving that I love- this without any furniture piece underneath.  I love the idea of a bench that could go up against the windows for Sophie but you could also pull it up to the table if you needed extra seating.  I also love this simple light fixture and the rug.

I really loved this light fixture and the long planter box centerpiece.

Loved the accessorizing in here and the pops of black too- makes it a little more modern and formal feeling.

Very simple and clean but I love everything in here!

I always like to start with some inspiration photos to help you visualize my ideas for your space.  I'll list a few comments below each explaining what I like about the decor and how it can work for your home!

I noticed from the photos you sent me that you really like the look of layering wreaths on top of wall decor like above.  This is something we could do in the entryway, kitchen, or living room or a combination of any of those (I've also included some wreaths and wall art options at the end of this post).  I also like the lamps they used in here and the pops of green and plants. 

Adding a shiplap treatment to the walls on either side of the fireplace is one idea for really accenting that wall and adding even more character.  You could even paint the shiplap the same color as the rest of your walls so that it is super subtle.  I love the overall styling of the room above with the layered accessories and lots of different textures.  I also love the pharmacy style floor lamp.

A tobacco basket is another wall decor item that has the farmhouse feel you all love and looks great with wreaths layered on top.  I've linked a new version at the end of this post from Ballard Designs but I also often find reclaimed or antique ones too for much cheaper.

I was so glad to see some blanket ladders in your inspiration photos because that was one of my ideas for filling the space on one side of the fireplace.  I have linked a couple of different options for blanket ladders at the end of this post but we can also use an antique ladder too if you want something more rustic.  I love all of the accessories and styling in this room especially the wood crates and the metal basket with firewood by the fireplace.

I really like how they mixed in lots of texture and some subtle color in this neutral space.  I love the coffee table styling and would love to add some accessories like this to your coffee table.  I also really like the giant wicker baskets and think those would look great in your room.

I'd love to find some kind of matching windows/shutter/doors/etc. to mount on each side of the fireplace similar to above.  I've linked a few options at the end of this post but I can also find something salvaged or antique too.


If you change your mind about curtains, I would do something super simple and clean like above with an oil rubbed bronze rod.  It doesn't block light but just frames the room a little bit.  I love the tray and stacked books on the coffee table too.


I love everything on this table and would like to incorporate lots of accessories like this on your entryway table and your sofa table.  The old crate mounted on the wall would be super easy to find too!

Love the glass bottle, metal basket, and the baskets on the wall!

I'm picturing a symmetrical arrangement for each side of the fireplace walls with some kind of large reclaimed window/shutter/door/basket and then maybe 1-2 hanging metal planters like above.  These would also be super cute in the kitchen too.  I also love the wood framed farmhouse-style sign and I've linked a few similar options below.

I really like this reclaimed wood wall art too, the curtains, and simple accessories in this space.

Another blanket ladder- this one more antique/reclaimed in style.  I really love the wooden lamps and thought you could possibly do some on your sofa table with a similar planter box in between.  I also really love the simple, matching gallery wall arrangement above the couch and thought that might be a good option for either the wall in front of the stairs, or the wall leading up the stairs.

Love all these accessories: the glass jar, basket tray, old books, lanterns, wood lamp, and especially the layered antique windows.

Love this inspiration for your entryway table.

I really love these big glass jars for adding a little bit of color but still fitting with that farmhouse feel!


A few more modern elements but I really like the floor lamp and ladder leaning against the wall.

I really like the old crate with firewood and that pretty wooden sign.

I know you mentioned having trouble keeping the mantle decorated year round and I love the option of doing a long wooden planter box with some faux greenery in it (see above and below for examples).  It's super simple but it fills the space and adds a little color too.

I love these matching wood lamps (see above and below) for your sofa table behind the couch.  I also love that giant clock too.

Some simple black and white botanical prints, horse prints, or maps hung in an evenly spaced arrangement like above is just another option for filling the walls.  I also really love that metal mug/dish rack for your kitchen possibly.

I'd love to add in some plants (faux and real) for a little color like above.  A little tree like they have in the corner would look amazing in your living room too.  

This is totally optional but I do think you could do a slightly larger rug in the living room or maybe layer a textured jute rug underneath your existing rug (see above and below for examples of layered rugs).


I also noticed this photo in your inspiration pics- this candle/metal tray arrangement is definitely something we can put together for your coffee table or one of the console tables!

Below are just some decor options to get started, that I think would fit well with the ideas I've listed above.  You can click on any item to see more details/pricing (If any of the links don't work just let me know!).  We can always look for similar items in a different price range, style, size, etc. so just let me know if we need to do that for any of these!