1. find a more functional and permanent furniture layout

2.  add rug to seating area (could do 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 size)

3.  window treatment?

4. fill in blank walls with some pictures/wall decor (could use large bike piece that you mentioned or perhaps a large mirror)

5. style/arrange mantle + built-in shelves

6. add a cabinet or some kind of closed storage to contain desk/office supplies/printer/etc.

**NOTE: as far as styling items on shelves/cabinets in both the living room and dining room, this is something I can come help with in person.  I can either use only items you have already ,but also shop for new items and bring those with me if needed.  I would probably be able to get the shelves styled in 1-2 hours tops to give you an idea as far as cost.


OPTION 1: Move television to space in between window and french doors; You could either have the television mounted on the wall (with a swivel mount that can pull out from wall and adjust the angle) or place it on top of a piece of furniture; Furniture on left side of room stays as-is except add a cabinet behind the chair for extra office/desk storage; move 2nd chair down to corner at an angle

OPTION 2: Keep television on existing corner furniture piece but move to opposite corner so that it is no longer blocking the window; move couch to space in between window and french doors; angle 2 chairs on left side of room with a side table between them; add cabinet behind chairs on left side wall for extra storage

OPTION 3:  Move television to center of left hand wall (either wall mounted with swivel or on a piece of furniture); couch placed in between window and french doors with side tables/coffee table; chairs angled on each side of television; add cabinet behind back chair for extra storage;

I love the overall simple color scheme and decor in this space.   The small leather couch reminded me of yours as well.

Love the mirrors on the wall above the couch and the simple shelf styling in here.  I also like the light colored, simple rug with the leather couch and chair.  This is also a small space but it feels more open with the furniture arrangement and small side tables on each side of the couch.

I love the accessories and decor in here as well as the combination of layered rugs.  


I'm picturing something similar to this cabinet for containing your printer and other office/desk items so that they can be hidden away. I also like this rug and the accessories they used on top of the cabinet.


A similar furniture layout to what I've explained for option 3 above.  I like the simple jute rug too and the piece of furniture they put the television on.

I like this printed rug and the smaller, open tables beside the couch.  I also like the mixture of wall decor they used above the couch too.

This photo stood out to me because I think the white side tables and light rug really open up the room and make it feel bigger.  I think it would be great to break up all the earth tones in your living room with some lighter side tables and rug like this (I've linked some options in the next section)

One example of a television sitting on top of a piece of furniture.  A larger piece of furniture like this could also possibly double for your printer/desk storage eliminating the need for that extra piece of furniture.  I also love this rug and linked a very similar one in the "rug options" section below.

Another example of a wall mounted tv above a piece of furniture (that could be used for your printer/office storage too).  I love the shelf decor and accessories in here too.


One example of a wall mounted tv that can be pulled out from the wall and swiveled at different angles.  There are several local companies who can install this and hide all of the cords as well (examples shown above + below).

One more option for the television to consider (although it may require getting a slightly smaller television) would be to mount it inside one side of your built-in shelves on each side of the fireplace with a pull-out/swivel mount.  This would eliminate one more piece of furniture in the room and open up the space (examples shown above + below).


One final idea- I know you said you didn't want to mount the television above the fireplace BUT I do think it should still be an option to consider further.   There are several local companies who could do this all for you, hook everything up, and have all the cords hidden within a couple of hours.  I actually have my television mounted above my fireplace in my living room too and while I would definitely prefer it somewhere else, it just ended up being the spot that worked best for the small space and layout of the room, and allows us to fit the most furniture into the space.  We could then hang the big clock on one of the other empty walls.  This is definitely not your only option but just something I wanted to revisit as I'm listing all your choices!

click on any photo for more details/pricing. I would do an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 size.

click on any photo for more details/pricing.


1. Add items and style glass-front cabinets (see ideas below)

2.  Add a few more items to top of cabinets too.

3.  Add simple window treatments?

4. Simple centerpiece for middle of dining table

5. Add rug under table?


One idea for styling cabinets with all white dishware- using stacking and layering for lots of dimension.

Adding some color in with pops of navy or blue and some silver pieces.  I also like how they placed a few items (but not too many) on the countertop area below the cabinets too just to balance out the decor.

Simple blue and white dishware perfectly spaced out and neatly placed inside of cabinets.  I love how they hung a few plates on the beadboard below the cabinet doors too for an extra pop of color (above + below).


More simple white dishware- neatly stacked and spaced.  I also like how they leaned a frame on the countertop below the cabinets (another option if you don't want to hang anything)

Simple white dishware with a few small faux plants very neatly and evenly spaced inside cabinets


Silver + white dishware and serving pieces with just a few items on the countertop below and a few pops of color.


White dishware with a few pops of color (blue and green glassware) and simple items on the bottom countertop.  Centerpiece bowl of lemons on the middle of the dining table.

I love this simple rug and neutral window treatments as well as the simple table centerpiece too.


Simple white window treatments for a light and bright look.


I'd love to also add a few items above the cabinets to balance everything out- just a few simple things very evenly spaced like above

One more idea for above the cabinets- mounted plates (could do simple white or more colorful/printed)

You can also use trivets for plates/dishes on top of cabinets if you don't want to hang on the wall.

Some simple centerpiece ideas for the middle of the dining table: