Living room - 

1. I've listed several options for the television piece below- some are brighter white and a few are more creamy and could coordinate with your exisitng furniture.

2. I also listed some curtain options along with hardware- I also love using the curtain rings as they make the cutains hang so much better!

3.  Some decor suggestions like pillows and mirrors also listed below- these are also items I might be able to shop for at places like Homegoods too (especially mirrors for slightly cheaper).  Another idea would be to also do a tall leaning mirror instead of a wall mount mirror, those also are better to find at Homegoods or At Home.

4.  I listed a few options for shelves (maybe on the wall behind the couch/on the stairs)- but we could also do two smaller matching shelves on each side of the new television piece if you like that better.

5.  I did go ahead a list some options for side tables/coffee tables- some are sets that come together and others are separate pieces.  There are really endless options for these, but I focused on lighter wood and/or white pieces.



1. Painting all the walls- I like the "Repose Gray" option best

2.  new piece of furniture for television

3. matching curtains for both windows + new curtain rods

4. coffee table accessories

5. wall decor

6. new pillows

7. add some height on one wall- maybe shelves on each side of television ?

I love the simple white curtains in here and think something light and bright like that would be perfect for your space.  I also love the rug and mix of furniture and accesosories- very simple but cozy.


Another example of simple curtains that I love with a printed rug like yours and similar coffee table.  I love the mix of pillows in here and the unique wall decor throughout.  Perhaps getting some smaller, more open side tables like these would make your space feel bigger and less closed off around the couches?


I love the modern touches in this space and how sophisticated it feels.   Would love to add a floor lamp on one side of the couches for some extra height and light.  


Super cozy and more of a farmhouse vibe- I love the mix of pillows and blanket and all the accessories.


I love so much in here- the mix of coffee table and 2 small footstools/ottomans; the style of side table; and especially the wall shelves behind the couch!  I would love to add some wall shelves to one of your walls similar to above to add some height variation to the space (either behind the couch or on each side of the telelvision maybe?).


One more thing to consider if you are thinking about getting new furniture would be the option of a sectional.  I think it would fit the space well and look super cozy .  I love the mix of patterns and textures above and once again the simple white curtains.


Simple + minimal, super light and bright.  We could definitely add some greenery and a few plants in your space if you are up for it.  I love the coffee table styling here too.


I really love all the cozy textures and overall minimal design of this space.  A great mirror like above would be a perfect addition for one of your open walls and I also love the matching lamps for on top of your sideboard piece possibly?

Another great round mirror and once again I love the combo of the footstools with a coffee table.

Another example of wall shelves we could utilize somewhere within your living area.

Love these curtains and the sectional/tables combo.



1. Cap light for now and work towards bar/island in the future!

2. Listed light fixture options below (I didn't get a good photo of the hall lights but I'm guessing they are standard flush mounts)

3. Also listed some kitchen shade options- we can do a coordinating curtain rod/rings with living room.

4. Decor /accessories- this would be easiest for me to just come do in person as far as arranging things.  You can give me a budget and I can style everything and then we can return anything you don't like.



1. add island piece or cap light above it in that area

2. update other light fixtures

3. add curtain valance or shade on window above sink

4. wall decor/accessories

5. coordinating rug under dining table?


I love the overall accessorizing in here and the fabric shade on the window above the sink.  Also love the idea of adding a long, colorful runner in front of the kitchen cabinets.

Above + below- a few more ideas for extending your kitchen counter out like a mini peninsula island- but leaving it open underneath; love this option because it keeps the space feeling open.

Another option would be to use a non-permanent piece of furniture like a rolling cart to extend your countertops out in the kitchen.  Love the overall decor/styling of the kitchen above.

I love the option of these simple bamboo shades for the sink window.  I also like the long sign for maybe above your cabinets and all the accessories.

Would love to add a rug underneath your dining table that coordinates with your living room rug.  I also like the addition of some shelving behind the dining table- depending on what shelving we add/ don't add in the living room.

I really like this rug/table combo and how they set the table and accessorized it.

Another round table example with a bench on one side and I love the taller table centerpiece too.


One more kitchen peninsula example that blends in with the rest of the cabinetry.  This would give us the opportunity to add a really cute pendant above.