Below are my initial ideas + some inspiration photos for each space!  I started out with a brief list of what I would focus on in each room.

1. Hang artwork and maybe add some picture ledges or shelves.

2. Chair for left-hand corner by fireplace

3. Some kind of window treatments possibly?

4. Styling/accessories for coffee table, mantle, + tabletops.

5. new light fixture/fan?

I love this shelf/artwork combo and how they layered some accessories with the framed pieces.  I think this would be a great option on one of your walls to add some dimension.  


Another example of shelves mixed into a living space.  I also love the coffee table accessories and mirror!  A mirror would be a fun wall piece to add to the living room too.

Love this simple round mirror and all the accessories/overall styling.  


I also love this lined-up matching gallery wall look.

I like this mix of pillows and artwork and the coffee table/side table accessorizing.

This bright rug reminded me of yours- I'd love to add some more fun pillows to your couch too to bring out some pops of color from your rug.  I love this coffee table and all the accessories in this room.  You have great natural light in there so I think a few plants would be fun to add!


More of a neutral color scheme but I love the simplicity and all the textures.

Love these pillows and the shelf with layered artwork!

I really like the coffee table styling in here, the plant/tree in the corner, and the addition of that taller bookshelf beside the couch.

Layered accessories, fun pillows, and simple frames.

More fun pillows, modern prints, and plants!

Love these simple window treatments, the pillows, and the pops of color.


So cozy and modern- I love all the layering on the couch.


Love all these mixed prints, the cute plant, and that fluffy ottoman.

1. rug for under dining table

2. valances for windows

3. hang artwork/add accessories where needed 

Above + below are some examples of the simple, chic window treatments I was picturing for the windows in the kitchen area.  

A cowhide rug is one option that I love for this space under your table.  I also love the accessories on this dining table.

I really like how they arranged the frames on the walls behind this dining table.


A more colorful style rug that I also think would work in your space.  Love the tall plant in the corner too.


Another fun rug option!


Love the simple window treatment, rug, and accessories in here!

We could totally add a little bench to one side of you table too if you wanted to!  


Another cowhide rug and a built-in bench (which would totally work on your wall) with bright prints + pillows!


One more cowhide rug example with a little shelf on the wall to the left.