SINK: find midcentury dresser to use as vanity ($100-200; something like this and add better knobs/hardware); do simple vessel sink (like this ) on top ($60) and either wall mount (like this) or centerset faucet (like this) ($60-125)

MIRROR: $50-75 ; example

LIGHTING: $100-200 ; 2 sconces or 1 pendant over sink area; example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | (do you have any other ceiling lighting that will need to be updated? or is it just can lighting?)

SHOWER FAUCET: something like this ($72); could also do black faucets for shower and sink which might even be a little cheaper (a lot of the inspiration photos below mix black + brass fixtures so we can do whatever you prefer!)

TILE: cheapest option for walls- classic subway tile at Lowe’s for $1.25 sq. ft.; cheapest option for floor- option 1 | option 2 (both $1.99 sq ft); if you chose both of these options it would cut $700 off the original estimate;

some other tile options: printed tile ($4.10 sq ft); marble subway tile ($2.50 sq ft) ; these would still cut a big chunk off the tile price in the original estimate but just not as much as the cheapest options above;

If we do subway tile I think it’d be cool and make it look more expensive to lay it in a pattern like on the wall above. Chris said he could do this at no additional charge.

OPTION 1: same layout as we had discussed but instead of a walk-in shower we do a tub insert with shower (like photo below). We can frame in the tub so it looks more custom and even tile it if you want- total price $7,000

OPTION 2: same layout as we had first discussed with walk-in shower but leave sides open (no glass or pony wall- some examples below)- $7500


OPTION 3: same layout as we had discussed with walk-in shower and glass divider wall (example below)- $8700

Additional add-ons (totally optional): I thought it might be helpful to add some extra built-in storage between the new wall where to shower comes out and your closet wall (see examples below)- Chris said he could get this done for an additional $600. We would custom build this around your window too so it doesn’t block it.


1. paint walls or maybe one statement wall?

2. add some kind of wall hanging/piece as a headbaord (will have to be low to fit the space); also may look into getting a platform bed frame with storage drawers underneath

4. add lots of storage options throughout the room- listed ideas below; add shelves /customized storage inside those little low closets too

5. new, more stream-lined dresser for tv set up

6. add a few trays/ storage accessories to organize vanity/desk area

7. ceiling fan? need to keep or change for light fixture?

8. hang curtains high and wide above window frame

9. update bedding/ add a few layers

10. room for bench at end of bed? (could also do set of 2 poufs)

11. add a chair?

12. folding screen or something similar to hide air conditioning unit?


Pale pastels and modern patterns with boho light fixture

neutrals and basics with bright white paint

layers of pattern and texture with crisp white bedding and walls

deep indigo walls, patterned headboard, and bright white bedding and curtains


creams, grays, and whites with lots of texture and layered pieces.  Love the carved piece hanging above the bed as a headboard

grays and blush- slightly disheveled but cozy


jeweltone walls with boho textures and patterns

more neutrals and different shades of white with lots of plants

indigo walls with pops of deep blue and lots of neutrals- love the printed rug and vintage furniture

one statement wall of dark charcoal with bright white curtains, printed rug, and fun headboard


cozy, simple, and minimal

love this simple dresser and accessories arrangement


bright, fun, and boho- statement wall behind bed

simple and minimal with just a few pops of bright color and pattern

white walls and floors with gray bedding, printed rug and carved wood headboard

simple white walls and furniture with velvet bed/headboard and printed rug; brass accessories

bright white walls with panel of wallpaper; printed rug, fun bedspread, and layers of textured pillows

cozy, minimal, and neutral with some natural/rustic elements


bookshelf for shoes/storage with curtains in front to conceal it

simple white shelving for over a dresser or on a wall with string lights

floor to ceiling ikea modular shelf (would be great for shoes/accessories; maybe flanking two corners of a wall?)

IKEA shoe cabinet- could even do a couple of these side by side


mix of long shelf, hanging storage, and dressers that looks chic and pulled together

another example of hanging rack, shoe shelf, and dresser that provides open storage but still looks attractive

glass front bookcase used for shoe storage (also from IKEA)

1. Hang artwork and maybe add some picture ledges or shelves.

2. Chair for left-hand corner by fireplace

3. Some kind of window treatments possibly?

4. Styling/accessories for coffee table, mantle, + tabletops.

5. new light fixture/fan?

I love this shelf/artwork combo and how they layered some accessories with the framed pieces.  I think this would be a great option on one of your walls to add some dimension.  


Another example of shelves mixed into a living space.  I also love the coffee table accessories and mirror!  A mirror would be a fun wall piece to add to the living room too.

Love this simple round mirror and all the accessories/overall styling.  


I also love this lined-up matching gallery wall look.

I like this mix of pillows and artwork and the coffee table/side table accessorizing.

This bright rug reminded me of yours- I'd love to add some more fun pillows to your couch too to bring out some pops of color from your rug.  I love this coffee table and all the accessories in this room.  You have great natural light in there so I think a few plants would be fun to add!


More of a neutral color scheme but I love the simplicity and all the textures.

Love these pillows and the shelf with layered artwork!

I really like the coffee table styling in here, the plant/tree in the corner, and the addition of that taller bookshelf beside the couch.

Layered accessories, fun pillows, and simple frames.

More fun pillows, modern prints, and plants!

Love these simple window treatments, the pillows, and the pops of color.


So cozy and modern- I love all the layering on the couch.


Love all these mixed prints, the cute plant, and that fluffy ottoman.

1. rug for under dining table

2. valances for windows

3. hang artwork/add accessories where needed 

Above + below are some examples of the simple, chic window treatments I was picturing for the windows in the kitchen area.  

A cowhide rug is one option that I love for this space under your table.  I also love the accessories on this dining table.

I really like how they arranged the frames on the walls behind this dining table.


A more colorful style rug that I also think would work in your space.  Love the tall plant in the corner too.


Another fun rug option!


Love the simple window treatment, rug, and accessories in here!

We could totally add a little bench to one side of you table too if you wanted to!  


Another cowhide rug and a built-in bench (which would totally work on your wall) with bright prints + pillows!


One more cowhide rug example with a little shelf on the wall to the left.