I think the best option for this space is to mount the television above the fireplace in order to free up wall space for larger pieces of furniture (I have worked with a local company called TDO Home Entertainment who does a wonderful job mounting televisions and hiding all the cords/wires).  We can then place a couch on each wall (possibly a slightly smaller couch/loveseat on the wall next to the side door).  This would also give you room for another little conversation area of two chairs with a table in between them, facing the fireplace.  Having chairs in that area instead of a couch will make the space feel more open and create more flow through the walkways.  I think your side/tables and coffee tables will still work fine (one side table beside each couch and coffee table centered in front of the larger couch).  If you have a small side table to add between the two chairs that would be perfect too!  I think maybe some slightly larger lamps, or even the addition of a floor lamp would help balance and anchor the space too.  Once everything is placed, adding some finishing touches on the walls (a large mirror, canvas, or set of pictures above the couches; maybe an old ladder with blankets on it leaning up against the wall; pillows on the couches and chairs; and some small accessories on the side tables/coffee table to finish out the space and make it feel more "homey."  Below I have a few inspiration photos to give you a visual for the layout of this space:

I think we have a couple of options in the breakfast nook area.  You certainly have the space for a larger table if you would like to have more serving space, but I also think we could make the existing table work with a few tweaks (and I really like that table too!).  I would love to add a bench or banquette on one side of the table to balance it out.  Right now it looks a bit small for the space but adding a larger piece with it will tie it all together. You could do one bench/upholstered love seat on the long open wall, or have something built that wrapped around in front of the window as well (kind of an "L" shape).  I also love the idea of doing a small collection or gallery wall on the big wall above the table (I like the idea of the collection of antique plates/trays above- and you might have some in storage?).  Getting a nice rug for below the table will also warm up the space and make it feel finished.  I love the chalkboard/bulletin board piece you have leaning up against the wall near the breakfast nook, but I think we could possibly move it somewhere else (maybe the entryway) and do a small console/long table here with some lamps (maybe even the piece you have the television on now) or a tall display shelf of some kind.  

In the kitchen we can really make a huge difference with just a few accessories.  I think you have a lot of unused, blank space at the top of your cabinets (between the top of cabinet and ceiling).  I'm not one for a super cluttered look or fake greenery up here like many people do, but we could display some old trays/ironstone/baskets, and more simple things that will still add interest but not look outdated.  I noticed that you have a few cabinets with glass fronts- I think we could rearrange the items inside these and add some more things to make it look really clean + styled.  Also adding some baskets, trays, and jars on your counter-tops to contain items and organize them will make the space feel finished and look organized (even if it isn't all the time!). Below are some examples and inspiration photos for these ideas: 


Both the dining room and entryway can be completely transformed with just the addition of a few more furniture pieces and lots of layered accessories/wall art.  You have a great base for both of these rooms, but you have room for more furniture to really warm it up.  I would love to add one more piece in the dining room- either a tall hutch/cabinet of some sort (maybe with glass doors) or another console/buffet with open shelving added above it.  Either way, I think adding a tall piece of furniture on the back wall (behind the table) will anchor the space and give you a great focal point for the room.  There's also the option to move your existing buffet to the back wall, add some open shelving above it (see photos below for visuals), and then get something slightly smaller for the right side wall (then we might be able to fit your chairs on each side of the smaller piece of furniture).  Adding a neutral rug with a little texture will also anchor the space and make it feel more complete.  If you really want to go "all-out" you could definitely handle a larger light fixture in here over the table, or a combination of two pendants.  I've made some notes on the inspiration photos below with some more details on my vision:  


This type of rug would be perfect for your room and just add the right amount of texture and warmth you need.  I love the accessories and layering they have done on the buffet too!  

Above is an example of what I'm thinking as far as open shelving above a buffet/sideboard on the back wall.  This will add much needed height there and give you a focal point for the room (and lots of storage space for dishes/servingware).  

I also love the look of this taller/distressed cabinet (you could do something similar to this on the back wall instead of the buffet + open shelving if you like it better).  The light fixture in this room is also a good example of how a larger size will really stand out in the size/height of the room you have.

I love the layering on the buffet- lots of accessories, texture, and it really warms up the room.

Just another idea for the back wall- we could also just do an architectural piece like a big barndoor, mantle, or something similar.  It would not stick out as far from the wall as a furniture piece but still add the same amount of height and weight to the space.

Just another example of open shelving above a console table or long buffet- a little more formal and traditional.

Here is a hutch example for the back wall too. I also like the addition of wicker chairs to the table- makes it more cozy and a little less formal. We might be able to pull your upholstered chairs up to the table or do something similar with items you already have.

Above they really created a major focal wall with a hutch in the center and two matching console tables on each side.

Just one more idea for the back wall: we could use two matching shelves with a piece of furniture in between to imitate this "custom built-in" look.  

Layering your wall art/mirrors/and adding a little greenery will make the biggest difference as far as accessories. This room is large with high ceilings so you can handle lots of large/statement pieces for the walls.

Just like the dining room, I think you have room for some more furniture or bigger pieces in here and definitely lots of wall art/accessories.  We can work with the bench you have right inside the door by adding pillows, wall art, hooks, or shelving above it, and accessorizing all around it- which will make it feel bigger and more purposeful.  You also do have room for a slightly bigger bench there if you would rather have something with a back or partially upholstered.  We could add a nice patterned or textured rug/runner in this area too to warm it up.  The other little area you have set up in the entry (closer to the living room)- we can just add to and restyle so that this entire area flows together well.  I think adding some nice accessories like plants, large glass jars with faux greenery, old trunks/baskets, etc. will add a lot of texture and interest to the entire space.  I think we can add little pops of color in this area to really make it welcoming and catch your eye when you first walk in the door.  Also like the dining room, you can handle large piece of art/wall hangings for this area (even some architectural pieces would be cool like old moldings, doors, or mantles), or we can create gallery walls/collections to keep your eye moving throughout the space and make the walls feel less bare.  Below are some examples of my ideas:

Below is an estimated quote for each of these projects.  Keep in mind that this price includes just my design services.  If we decide you would like to have me shop for any new accessories or items for the room, the prices for these items will be added to your invoice.  I do not up-charge you for anything, or charge you for my shopping time, and I am able to get most things at wholesale prices.  


1. living room: rearranging, styling, choosing + adding wall art, pillows, and accessories ($100) should take 2-3 hours.

2. breakfast nook: styling, rearranging, choosing + styling gallery wall and any new shelves/tables we might add ($100) should take 1-2 hours.

3. kitchen: adding accessories, reorganizing, restyling visible shelves + countertops ($50) should take about 1 hour.

4. dining room: adding accessories, hanging and styling wall art, placing and shopping for a rug, rearranging furniture, etc.  ($100)

5. entryway: adding new furniture and accessories, styling and arranging items, hanging wall art/shelving/etc. ($75)