Focus points:

1. new wallpaper and painting/staining of trim

2. modernize light fixtures

3. accessories and wall decor- declutter, restyle, and add a few modern touches to mantles/shelves/walls

4. flooring/carpet- neutral and simple with a bit of texture

5. updating chairs and any other furniture needed

6. work on old bar area to create feature wall of some sort

I loved your inspiration that you shared from the Peninsula Grill in Charleston.  I think this restaurant perfectly combines modern and traditional elements which is something we could easily do with a few updates at your restaurant.  See some of my favorite inspirations and ideas below:


From the Peninsula Grill:  More modern light fixtures and a simple textured wallpaper create a clean slate to highlight the character of the room including the wood trim and historical paintings.  


A super cozy dining space but the lighter walls really brighten and modernize the room.  I love this style of dining chair, the dark wood trim, and the light fixtures.

I really like how they added a larger, patterned wallpaper on this fireplace side to create an accent wall.  I love the lighter wallpaper and walls as well as the grey/tan contrasting trim.  One option to consider is adding full wood panels to the area below the chair rail on the wall to coordinate with the trim (see above) and then hang wallpaper above that.  We could stain the wood all the same color or paint it a contrasting color that will coordinate well with the wallpaper.

Another example from the Peninsula Grill- I really like the carpets in here too and the simple/minimal placement of the artwork/paintings.


Dark wood trim and lighter walls create a cozy but welcoming dining room.  These chairs are still super traditional but would take up much less space than the dining chairs you have now.  Another example of full wood paneling/trim below the chair rail on the walls.


More dark wood trim with a lighter textured wall covering.  I also love these high-back leather dining chairs and all the equestrian art incorporated in here.  I added some equestrian themed wallpapers below if you wanted to make one of the rooms more of a Kentucky/horse theme.

A bit more modern than the other inspirations but just an example of how a more modern wallpaper and bold accent color could blend into the space and update it.  I also like the idea of incorporating some mirrors similar to above in the right dining space where the old bar was (maybe removing the wood bars and adding mirrors in their place- which would also make the space feel much larger).  Another thought for that old bar area would be to hang paintings/gallery wall on top of the wooden bars or paint/stain them a contrasting color of some sort.  Either way I'd like utilize that area and the trim around it for a feature wall of some sort.  

A darker wall option but I still really like the dramatic look and especially all the equestrian art (above + below).


An example of more modern light fixtures and printed wallpaper mixed in with traditional furniture and historical elements.  I love the mix in here.