Living room ideas:

1. Adding some kind of larger television built-in/unit on right hand wall to fill the space and have closed storage for toys/other small items

2. Add a coffee table or ottoman

3. Rearrange chairs and side table placement- possibly flanking fireplace or facing fireplace (see examples below)

4. New mantle decor- something taller possibly

5. Add some wall decor/artwork

I would like to focus on rearranging some of the furniture to make the space feel more intentional and cozy.  I love the arrangement above with the side tables/coffee table and the built-in for the television wall.  Right now your television wall is very large and open and I think something like this would anchor the space and also give you extra closed storage and some shelving to displays frames/accessories/etc.  I also like the placement of the chairs flanking the fireplace.

Another example of furniture placement that I really like for your space.  We probably wouldn't have room for another couch, but could possibly put a chair or two across from the fireplace (facing it).  I really like the color scheme in here as well and the mix of modern and traditional decor.


A furniture layout with a sectional couch but still a similar layout to what I'm picturing.  I like this style of built-in as well- it's simple but super functional.  

a3f3d6206c91b34de84f39eb285ef8fe (1).jpg

This is one of my favorite layout options and it feels super open but cozy.  I love this built-in and how they filled the wall by adding wall decor above it as well.  I really like the console table behind the couch too, not sure if you have room for that, but it's something to consider.  


I love this mix of modern and traditional decor and the way the chairs are angled toward the seating area/fireplace.  


I like this furniture layout and the mix of patterns/colors in here.  I also like how they filled the tall open space on the wall with artwork/wall hangings.

Another furniture layout example that I love.  I also really like the size of coffee table for this space and how they used artwork to fill the open walls.  This space is overall traditional but feels very bright and modern at the same time.

For the area off the kitchen that you showed me, we have a few options.  My favorite would be to add a furniture piece next to the exisiting cabinets/counter for some extra serving space.  I think something wood that plays off the tones in the kitchen table would be nice and warm up the space.  Some example of what I'm picturing below.


This piece has closed storage and room to serve on top- I really like how they styled it with the lamps and mirror above too.

Another example that's open on the bottom- I love the overall styling of this as well.


We also have the option to add some wall shelves above the furniture piece for open storage of some of you serving pieces.  

We can also do something that looks more like an extension of your existing countertops/cabinets and matches what you already have.  An example of a possible layout above.


Simple layout with furniture piece and coordinating floating shelves above.

Another rich wood piece that I love and I really like the styling on top as well.

Here are some of my favorite ideas/inspiration for Christmas decor for both the entryway and living room.  Let me know if any stand out to you and we can work to imitate that style.