I love the more modern coffee table, textured rug and mix of pillows and patterns in here.


I love this larger cabinet as non-traditional side table option that fills the space a little more- especially since you have so much room on each side of  your couch.

An example of what I was picturing as far as incorporating a shelf near the couch just to fill the space and add dimension.


Love this rug, coffee table, and the simple window treatments.


More simple window treatments and a little more pattern/global look with the accessories.


Uniform gallery wall option for above the couch- could do all white or brass frames.

Picture ledge option for above couch with stacked gallery wall.

Gallery wall with mirror combo.

Simple over-sized patterned print- also love the mix of accessories.


Love the cowhide rug as a rug option in here too.  Also love this shelf and the styling.  We could easily do two chairs floating facing the couch like above if you wanted more seating.

I'm not a fan of this artwork but I love everything else as far as the colors/textures/styling and size of the artwork above the couch.

Would love to incorporate a little more colors/patterns like above into the space to coordinate with the dark wall in your dining room.


Super simple + minimal but the rug pulls everything together.

Love the mix of rugs and midcentury inspired furniture in here.


I really like the mix of modern and rustic in here- using the old trunk as a coffee table.  I also like the dark velvety curtain panels on the windows.


Love everything in here: especially the brass curtain rods and curtains, lucite table, and all the accessories.