1. storage, storage, storage! 

2. Create designated areas throughout the room: craft table/sewing space; dress-up area; music area; etc.

3. large area rug for center of room

4. fun light fixture?

5. feature wall with wallpaper, chalkboard, dry/erase/ or something similar

6. curtains/shades for window

7. frame kid's artwork and hang on the wall

I love this storage unit with the cubbies and matching labelled baskets.  I also love the bright fun rug and light fixture!  I think it'd be great to have some kind of table for crafting at the center of the room or in a designated craft area.

Love the overall fun and bold style of this space- especially the light fixture and curtains!

Another example of great wall storage- you have plenty of wall space in here that we can fill with storage options like this to keep the center of the room clear and everything contained. I also love the printed shades, fun artwork, and rug!


I love the soft colors and mixture of storage and seating options in this space- every furniture piece functions as storage as well as seating or decor.  

I loved this long farm style table for the center of the room with the fun, soft rug and a mixture of upholstered poufs around it for seating. 


One option for the craft area/sewing table would be to do a full wall similar to this- you could add open shelving above to store supplies and some fun chalkboards/bulletin boards above each desk area.  A mixture of stools or chairs could also sit up to the space so multiple people can work at once.


A great craft space with open shelving and lots of baskets and caddies for containing and organizing everything.  I also love the fun hanging artwork with the clothesline.

Super cute built-in storage nook with seating- you could also make the bench in the middle lift up with extra storage inside.

Love this idea for craft/art supplies in big clear jars.

Cute framed chalkboard with hanging buckets for chalk below and book ledges for a reading nook.

Multi-use storage/entertainment unit that can contain all kinds of different toys and supplies.  Love the bright, simple color scheme in here too.

A cute use of IKEA shelving that feels more custom as they mixed and matched different pieces and placed them right next to each other like one unit.  I love the globes on the shelf too!


Fun built-in storage around a window with window seat.  Simple bright white space with pops of bright color!


One big chalkboard wall and a simple bamboo shades on the windows

Love this cute bench below an old schoolhouse chalkboard- it also has crates underneath for extra storage

Fun wallpaper and rug with a cute canopy reading nook

Multiple tables stuck together in the center for a big work space and a fun lounge area along the wall with mix of floor pillows.

Bright rug, full chalkboard wall, fun light fixture, and a wallpapered ceiling!

cute little reading nook with lounge area and kid's artwork

I love this framed chalkboard wall with the addition of sconces above it and wallpaper around the frame!

Custom wall combo of bulletin board, peg board storage, chalkboard, and dry erase board!

A few ideas above + below for dress up clothes- I lean towards hanging things on a wall rack/hooks and then getting a storage box to hold additional items

Closed cabinet storage with a countertop ledge on top that could be used for crafting/ tabletop display.  I love the fun wallpaper and rug too!

Open shelving with big matching baskets and a patterned rug

Beautiful rug and light fixture with cubbie storage.


Love this option of using a giant framed bulletin board too so you could always change out artwork/displays