Based on your inspiration pics and our discussion, here's what I'm picturing for the living room:

1. a neutral fabric couch and maybe one or two chairs if you need them.

2. a printed rug- black and white or gray.

3. lots of different pillows with various prints + textures 

4. incorporating some boho wall art with your other farmhouse pieces- maybe a macrame wall hanging.  I think you have plenty of farmhouse accessories that we can use throughout the house so we would only need a few boho items to fix in here + there!

5. an industrial coffee table or tufted ottoman, + a maybe a side table or two for beside the couch

6. You can either do just bamboo shades on the windows or also add some light, neutral curtains on top too  (if you are allowed to hang them!)

Once you pick your main items, I can help you place you accessories/ wall art around the room! See some of my inspiration photos below followed by some furniture + decor picks!

Love this couch + the mixed pillows, the wall art behind the couch, and the old ladder in the corner.  An old ladder would be cool to hang blankets from too!

Above you can see what the plain bamboo shades look like on the windows without curtains.  I love all the mixed prints + textures in here.  You could also add a printed pouf like above in addition to your ottoman if you wanted!

Houseplants are another cute accessory that will add color + would look cute inside some of your old metal farmhouse pieces or baskets too.  I love all the pillows and the rug above- layering a printed rug on top of a jute rug is one way to blend the boho + farmhouse styles!

A little more color but I love the overall styling of the tables and all the plants.

Lots of cream, tan, and white with just a few pops of pattern!

Love this macrame wall hanging, the coffee table, and the sheepskins layered on the couch!

Lots of white + neutrals with just a bit of greenery and color- I love all the baskets and the bamboo shades on the windows.

Love this couch set up with all the pillows and the draped sheepskin.  Lots of neutrals with a few pops of pattern + greens and blues.

I love your old door headboard and I think that your nightstand/dresser are fine as is unless you really want to paint them.   See my ideas below and once I hear what you need/ like best I can start gathering some shopping links for you!

I think the white bedding you had can totally work and you can just add a little color/pattern with a quilt or throw and some fun pillows for more of that boho vibe!  A printed rug under the foot of the bed would also be great and I think you could hang that KY reclaimed wood wall art you have above the bed possibly?

More of a farmhouse look with lots of white and neutrals- love this rug and all the texture and different neutrals on the bed.

I'd definitely add a lamp to your bedside table and above is just an example of how to style it possibly with some of the items you have!  If you did want to paint you bedroom furniture, I do love that dark distressed gray above!

Another example of white bedding with pops of color and a fun rug! (above + below)

I love these curtains in here and all the pillows, rug, and throw- you also may have room for a small chair like above in the corner?

Another printed rug with white bedding.  I also love the antlers, corner chair, and little shelves in here for some extra storage!

Love all the white/neutrals/textures in here and the wicker trunk for extra storage!


I know we also discussed a possibly vanity set-up in your bedroom if you have room.  This could be done with any desk or small table and then just hanging a mirror above.   You could even repurpose an old desk or piece of furniture by painting it and adding new knobs for this too!  

One idea I had was to center you bed on the wall and see if you have room for a vanity on one side and bedside table on the other?  Some more examples of that below too:


Here's a super simple set-up with a wall-mounted table which you could even do on one of the side walls to save space!

Another little vanity example beside the bed using an old vintage desk! (above + below)

Also love this vanity area with pops of gold- you could incorporate you hanging jewelry storage right beside it too!

A pretty antique vanity with total boho styling that I love!

Another wall-mount option beside the bed (I think this piece is available at IKEA).  

Here's what I'm thinking for the kitchen:

1. your gather sign above the cabinets possibly?

2. fun printed rug/runner for in front of the sink

3. some cute trays/canisters/arrangements on the countertops

see some examples  below:

Love this printed rug and all the accessories around the kitchen.  Just an idea, you might be able to take the front of the kitchen cabinets off of a few upper cabinets to give you that open shelving look!  As long as you put them back on before you moved out- they would never know!

Bright white with a cute rug- and I love the little plant too!

Love this cute little dining nook and it reminded me of the little table you had.

Super simple baskets/crates for extra storage is another option for above the cabinets too.

 I love this arrangement for the wall behind you dining seating area too!  Some of you reclaimed finds would be perfect to fill that wall!

A little corner dining nook with a bench and some fun pillows and plants!

 A cute little apartment kitchen with printed rug and simple accessories

Love these rugs and all the baskets and plants in here!

Love these kitchen accessories/styling for some of you countertops!

Another example of how to arrange items on your countertop!

Love this little round rug for under your dining table (they have a similar one at target now)!  Your printed placemats would look so cute with that and a vase/plant in the center!

Another example of baskets above the counters and some really cute and simple countertop styling!

Above and below and several ideas for your possible coffee bar!  I think that little console table you showed me would be perfect for that!

I love these old cutting boards hanging on the wall for kitchen decor too and the simple styling of white items/jars above the cabinet!

Perfect little white kitchen with just the right amount of accessories!  Love the cutting boards leaned in the corner and the little plants!  See below for some examples of my decor picks (click on any for pricing/details):

Below are just some of my initial ideas- let me know what you like best and I can add some shopping links based on that!:

A cozy little seat like this would be fun and lots of plants is a must!

Love this little corner set-up perfect for reading or eating!

 A small space but this little sectional frames it perfectly!  Love the black and white with pops of green for outside!

Cozy little boho chic/farmhouse style set-up- I love this one!

Lots of prints and colors in this boho space

A hammock is also another fun option!

Small little settee with side tables and a small rug- I also love those string lights along the edge!

Pretty pale neutrals with string lights and sweet details!

Love all the neutrals with the blue and green too!

Simple but so cozy!  Lots of plants and a little outdoor coffee area too!

Most of these ideas are a little more large scale than what you need but I would focus on the shelving/styling for your entryway.  I'm thinking a narrow shelf on the wall with some hooks and a basket or two on the floor for shoes.  You metal weathervane piece would look perfect leaning on the shelf here.

I know you don't have room for a bench but I love the shelf and styling of it.

Super simple hooks with an antique mirror above!

I also love this DIY shiplap/shelf hanger for the entryway too!

What I'm envisioning for your metal weather vane piece- leaning on the shelf above.

This set-up would be just perfect for you entryway size-wise!

DIY narrow entry shelf with plumbing pipe and a stained board.

Another space saving/simple set-up.

A few ideas below for some of you jewelry and bathroom storage!  Once again, when you let me know what you like best I can find some shopping links to similar items for you!

Cute way to organize some of your bathroom stuff out on the counter!

I love shelves above the toilet for extra storage and these are styled so cute.

Cute hanging jewelry set-up and hooks for purses!

Another cute example of shelves for over the toilet in the bathroom (above and below).

Below I've linked some great storage options for you jewelry that might work in the bedroom (while still looking cute too!):