1. statement light fixture and possibly move over to center over table

2. table + chairs/bench

3. some kind of cabinet/hutch/shelving to display vintage collections/ artwork/ fun items

4. rug for under dining table?

5. update window treatments (some ideas below)

6. update paint?

7. fireplace updating (some ideas below)

8. large statement piece/mirror for above the fireplace

9, hang artwork/ fill walls in a bit

10. stage wooden furniture piece you already have like a bar area/ add shelves above if needed

 Sherwin Williams "Bosporous"

Sherwin Williams "Bosporous"

 Sherwin Williams Trinket

Sherwin Williams Trinket

 Sherwin Williams "Solitude"

Sherwin Williams "Solitude"

 Sherwin Williams "Rose Colored"

Sherwin Williams "Rose Colored"

 Sherwin Williams Emotional

Sherwin Williams Emotional


I love the overall vibe of this space- the bright colors and mix of modern and vintage elements.   Would love to do a more modern, fun light fixture to really make a statement.

I love the idea of a round table for your space.  I think it feels more casual and unique- overall I love the eclectic mix of the room above and mixed prints.  I also like the painted ceiling as a fun touch.

I love the dark fireplace, wall color, and mix of modern + traditional furniture in this space.

I love the simple white curtains with pops of color in this room.  Another more rustic/traditional dining table paired with midcentury chairs and lights.  I also love the little shelving/bar area in the corner.

Another fun round table set up with a textured rug.  I really like this larger sideboard piece with the leaning artwork- you would definitely have room for a more furniture in here and something like this for extra storage.  

A little more masculine/minimal style- I like the simplicity and moody colors.  

Would love to do a leaning mirror on one of the open walls in this space!   love this round table with the mix of fun, upholstered chairs as well.

I also like the idea of mix and match chairs with a long table. I really like the dark fireplaces too and the way they used two light fixtures draped over this table.

Super minimal and simple- I like the idea of the bench on one side of the round table for a super cozy feel.

Another mix and match table/chair set with multiple light pendants above.  

A corner set up with a bench is another option to consider (it would block part of one of your windows but they did that above and it still looks fine!).  This would give you a more open feel in the center of the room as well.  I love the overall style of the space above.

One more bench example centered in front of a large window- love the oval table and bright, airy feel.


Boho + fun space with printed wallpaper and moody colors.  I love the light fixture and mix of rustic/vintage furniture.

I love the mix of modern and traditional in here and also the overall simplicity.  The furniture piece they have staged as a bar reminded me of the furniture piece you have in the dining room and I thought that might be a fun way to utilize/style it.

Printed oriental rug, modern table and chairs; and a midcentury light fixture.  I also love the tall, lacquered cabinet as another furniture option for your space and to store some of your vintage collectibles.

Fun, bright, and modern- love this painted farm table and the fun artwork!


I like to try hanging a curtain rod in between your molding and ceiling (super high, almost to top of ceiling).  That way it wouldn't damage the moldings but we could still get the drape and flow of curtain panels and the height they would add to the space (see above + below).  Since your second window molding is flush to the ceiling with no space in between- I would just do a coordinating fabric shade inside the window, or single floor length panel draped to the side (using the same tension style rod you have now inside the window).

I would love to make the fireplace in here really pop with either a fun color (definitely painting the stone/brick on the bottom either the same or a coordinating color to the mantle). Since these appear to be non-functioning fireplaces (is there anything behind them?) I've added some ideas for staging them- above I like how they placed plants inside to fill the space.

I love this dark color for the mantle and how they used the printed tile inside of the fireplace (something we might be able to do depending on what it looks like behind there)

I also love the idea of a black mantle- here they used it with white marble (we could use a white marble tile or marble-look wallpaper/contact paper to achieve a similar look!

Painted white mantle and printed tile

Dusty blue painted mantle

Dark lacquered mantle with wallpapered interior.

olive green mantle with marble interior

Another dusty blue painted mantle option.

I would love to fill some of your empty walls with  one or two shelving options which would give us more storage/display area for some of your vintage pieces/artwork.  A few ideas below:

Love these simple white floating shelves on each side of a mirror/piece of artwork.  I also love the overall style/decor of this space!

Another example of some simple floating shelves layered with artwork, books, and small items.  I love the height this adds to a room too.

Another option would be simple picture ledges to layer artwork too- I love this look as well!

A corner floating shelf set up

Tall matching bookshelves placed together for more of a built-in look.  Love the overall style/decor in here too.

Vintage hutch/cabinet painted a fun color would also work for storage in here as well.


1. new couch/sectional

2. add a chair?

3. side tables/lamps

4. hang one long curtain rod above window trim with curtain panels on each side (see examples below)

5. update fireplace  (see ideas from dining room section)

6. mount television over fireplace/ hide cords

7. hang artwork/ fill in walls a bit (hang something over electrical panel to hide it)

8. does this light fixture need to be updated (I didn't get a good photo of it?)

9. rug

10. pillows / throw for couch

11. paint coffee table if needed but we may be able to work with it as-is depending on what other patterns we choose for the room (especially the rug is what I'm worried about clashing)

I love the overall color scheme in here and all of the layered textures.  I also like the hammered coffee table and fun artwork.

More of a glam/70s vibe but I love elements of this (colors, lamps, art, etc.), but would like to make it more cozy/casual overall.

Simple and minimal with pops of color and texture.  Love the gallery wall as an option to fill one of the blank walls.

Boho/70's with lots of texture and warm colors.

Love this printed rug and the mix of modern and traditional furniture.  You definitley have room to add one or two more pieces of furniture besides the sectional, whether it be a shelf, chair, or console table.

Love the layered rugs, fireplace color, and mix of neutral and printed fabrics.

Minimal overall but with lots of pops of color and pattern.  

Love the more moody/masculine colors in this space.

Another gallery wall example- lots of fun colors and  vintage pieces in this space.

Boho and cozy with lots of texture and mixed patterns.

Super minimal, clean, and modern.

Love these curtain rods/curtains.  I also like the pops of blue in here, artwork mix, and rich wood furniture pieces.

Bright and simple but super cozy!  I love the simple curtains hung across the two windows.

Minimal walls and accessories with some fun pops of color- like the rug and turquoise cabinet.

Love the addition of the high shelves and the large cozy rug.  Overall pretty simple but very cozy and pulled together feeling.

Dark and moody with pops of black and white.

Light and bright with lots of pattern and paastels.

I love this color scheme and the simple accessorizing! They used several smaller rugs in this space instead of one large one.

Simple walls and curtains with layered printed rugs and lots of pillows to warm up a leather couch.