I think it would look beautiful to do 2 different signage wall arts using this logo- one in the loft and one on the bathroom wall (behind and above the new couch placement); both with 2 sconces (one on each side of the logo).  We could do it in gold paint either on the plain white wall, or we could paint the wall a contrasting color (maybe a gray tone) so that it pops more.  As mentioned I found a local hand letterer who said she could definitely do a large painting of your logo for the loft for around $100; the one on the bathroom wall would be smaller and probably a little cheaper.  If you would like to do a slightly different option for the bathroom wall- I've listed some 3-d woodcut options at the end of this section (all from Etsy).  These can be customized for any logo and they can do gold too.  I've also listed a few examples below of what I'm picturing:


I've been most stumped on how to create the dividing shelving in a way that will look finished and clean but still fill the space well and give you a good divider.  There are a few options here: 1. use shelving that already has a back so that you can't see through it, but that limits our shelving options and I don't really like many of the shelves as much with backing.  2. Use any kind of shelving and suspend a curtain behind it to divide the space and create a clean, simple background- see below for a good example.

I really like this option and think it would look beautiful with a simple white or gray curtain/fabric and we could even use gold plumbing fixtures to create the curtain rod.  

This would also allow us to create a draped curtain like this for the entrance into the kitchen- and would probably be a much less expensive option than a sliding door.

Above is an example of the kind of plumbing curtain rod that I'm picturing with the white curtains.

Using a dividing curtain would open up the shelving options for the divider- we could create something with plumbing pipes/pieces like above + below examples.  

Above they used a furniture piece as the base (they have lots of similar things at IKEA) and then just adding the pipe shelving onto it.  

Another example of what I'm picturing as far as having a solid base and then extending the shelving from that.

Or we could just use simple shelves lined up like this (I've listed some similar options from IKEA below).

A store display example that used some of IKEA's shelving below- several of these options are metal which means we could paint them gold, gray, or white if you wanted.

I was able to find these metal table legs online for around $50 for the set and my husband said that he could make a table like this using those and reclaimed wood, if you like this style.  I'll talk to him more about exact pricing, but it should be much cheaper than the ones we were looking at on Etsy.  He can also make a matching coffee table with similar legs if we can find them shorter, or using the pipe fittings for the base.  

mock cover photo.png

     I always like to begin the design process by going through some inspiration photos and choosing some of my favorite ideas and elements from each.  I've also put together a proposed floor plan below based on what we talked about during our consultation.  I don't think we'll have any problem with the layout since you have so much room in the new space, but it's just a matter of deciding what fits best where.  For right now I have put the meeting table in the front corner, so that it is away from the noise in the kitchen.  In the back half of the shop, I have a little conversation area with a couch and two chairs and a coffee table/side tables.  I think we'll also have room back there for some cafe tables and chairs (like what you have already in your shop) and maybe even one larger round table with some chairs.  As far as dividing the retail space from the kitchen, I love the idea of maybe some kind of floating retail shelving.  I also think it might be cool to do some kind of sliding door with a lot of glass, so it's still see through but provides a little bit of a barrier at the same time (you can see some examples in my inspiration photos below!).  This floor plan is just a round up of my initial ideas and is easy to adjust if you have any alternative ideas or thoughts on the layout.  Sometimes the size/shape of the furniture pieces we end up choosing might help us determine the layout too!

I love the clean look of this design and it very much reminded me of your space.  I think we can definitely keep your overall clean aesthetic even with the industrial feel of the building, but adding some industrial details (like this lighting they have) will help blend the two together.  I also love the addition of the subway tile for a clean but still industrial feel- perhaps we could add some tile on one of the walls or on the walls behind the counter? I also like how they've added some pastel touches.  I'd love to stick with the mostly white color scheme that you have but just add a few small pastel details that mimic the colors in your beautiful macarons.

I really love this clean + fresh space and how they've added the furniture pieces in for extra seating- this is exactly what I'm picturing for some of the conversation areas in your space.  The location/counter set-up also reminded me of yours.

I really love this floating brass shelving and think that would be a gorgeous detail to incorporate somewhere in the shop for some retail product.  I also loved this floating divider they created and thought that might be an interesting idea to separate the kitchen and retail space.  I also think you might have room to mix in maybe one or two slightly larger round white tables like they have above that can accommodate 4 chairs for larger groups.

Love the industrial statement lighting in this modern space.  I also like how they incorporated some bar seating with stools up against parts of the counter- I think you might have space to do some seating like this in your retail area too.  I really like the simple "cake." store lettering they have behind the counter too- I think it would look so cute to do the name of your shop like this on one of the open walls- whether it be a chalkboard art wall or something clean and simple like above.

Another room divider example that I really like for separating the kitchen from the retail area.  I like the idea of having lots of glass/windows so that you can see into the kitchen and still get all the natural light throughout the building.

The floating tables/stools were just one other unique idea for providing a lot of seating without taking up a lot of room.  I really like how they mounted the industrial sconce lights above each table too.

A few more examples of a floating divider wall- the bottom one is my favorite because it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling (which would be perfect for your space since the ceilings are so high).  I think this vintage window divider would be perfect for your space because it has the industrial feel, but still allows all the light to pass through.

Just another idea for some additional seating if you wanted to add a little floating table on the front window area with some stools.

This beautiful, glossy, white space reminded me of yours!  I think updating the ceiling tiles you have with something bright white and possibly a glossy finish like this would really update the entire space and make it feel clean and modern.  In the back where the ceilings are so high, I would either paint the ceiling area bright white to match, or go super dark so it just kinds of blends in and you don't notice it.  Once again I love all the subway tile in this space and how they mixed in the more industrial style lighting too.

I really love this lighting, the pops of pastel blue, and the beautiful old mirrors they have added in the space.  Would love to add some elements like this in your new space and I think the antiqued mirrors would perfectly blend your aesthetic with that industrial feel.

I think these floating display cases are so beautiful and something like this would be an amazing divider for in between the kitchen and retail space!

One more example of a floating divider wall to separate your space that doesn't have to go all the way to the ceiling.

I think it would be really fun to do a beautiful wallpapered wall possibly in the loft area/party room or some kind of focal wall up there.  I'd also like to do lots of string lights floating across the ceiling up there to make it feel extra festive and fun.

I love this large counter area with the gold/brass details.  I think all the white looks so beautiful even with the pops of black in the lighting.

I really love these mixed pastel color chairs and think it would be so cute to do this around the meeting table.  I'm envisioning a long all-white table to match all your other furniture, but with mismatched chairs in pink, turquoise, and mint to mimic the colors of macarons.

A perfect mix of industrial and modern in this bakery space.  I would love to do some large metal pendants like this in the back of the store/kitchen (to replace the large commercial lighting that is there now).  

Love the overall style of this space and the mix of rustic and clean pieces.

I really love the chalkboard signage in the top photo and how they have made it such a focal piece of the room.  I would love to do a similar focal wall with your logo and maybe some cool sconce lighting above it on one of your open walls or behind the counter.

I also love the cool murals and wall art that they have added in this bakery- might be a fun way to dress up some of the painted concrete walls in the back half of the store?

This shop has the type of bright white ceiling tiles that I'm imagining for the pop-tile ceiling in the front of your store.  I think that maybe incorporating some more metal/open shelving like they have will help mesh that industrial feel with your existing style too- it still feels clean and modern but the material has that industrial vibe.  

I'd love to do some decals like this on your windows- it has that classic French bakery feel and I love the gold lettering they used!

A perfect mix of modern and industrial- love the lighting and the pops of pastel blue/gray with a mostly white color palette.

Love these pastry cases and the gorgeous styling on the retail shelving behind the counter.

Below are just a few of my initial ideas for some of the furniture, lighting, ceiling tiles, etc.  Most all of the couches/chairs I chose are some a leather material so they will be easy to care for. These are just some ideas to get us started and I can absolutely look for similar items in different colors, price ranges, sizes etc. if needed!  You can click on any of the items to see more details + pricing!