I always like to start with some inspiration photos for your space so that I can share my ideas and give you a visual of what I'm picturing at the same time.  At the end of this section I've also added some furniture picks, decor, curtains, lamps, etc.  These are just some ideas to get us going and any feedback you have on those will help!  We can always look for similar styles at a different price, size, etc.

The neutral color scheme and farmhouse feel of this room reminded me of yours.  I love the addition of the floor lamp they have here and I've linked some similar options at the end of this section.  I think a lamp or two like this would be a nice addition by one of your couches or next to a leather chair if you choose to add that.  I also like the addition of some baskets, lanterns, and plants for some accessorizing- (I promise to pick plants that are easy to take care of)!

Another idea for filling the walls and adding some of that "homey" feel you were talking about would be to do a blanket ladder.  We can do this with a newer or antique ladder and stain or paint it any shade you would like.  

Another example of a blanket ladder that is metal (you can buy the same one here).  I love the warmth the wood accents add to this room.  I think if we did some kind of reclaimed/metal mix console table behind the couch and similar furniture piece on that open wall by the window it would help achieve this look.  I also like the idea of some wood architectural pieces like windows/shutters/etc. for decorating the walls.


I love everything you've added to your built-ins so far! I'd love to add just a few more items to create more layers (maybe some old books to stack and set things on top of).  Notice how above they've layered flat photos/pictures/trays/etc. behind smaller objects to create dimension- it gives shelving a slightly more styled feel.


I love these wood accents and the giant clock for wall decor.  I also like the metal/reclaimed wood style of this coffee table and that is the exact style I was picturing for your console table behind the couch (I've linked some options at the end of this section).

I think the addition of a leather chair would add so much warmth and give the room a cozy feel.  I like this simple oil-rubbed bronze curtain rod and the gray curtains.  I think you could do a simple gray/neutral print or a solid blue or gray curtain in your room (I've listed some options below).  I don't think the area near the built-ins will be a problem if we just do some strategic draping with the curtains near there.

Another example of layering/adding interest to the built-ins.  I think this looks full but without being cluttered.

One more built-in example: I love the addition of some baskets there for a little texture.

Above is the style I was picturing for your blank wall beside the window- some kind of cabinet/console table similar to this to fill the space.  I found a few that coordinate really well with the sofa tables I chose and linked them with those below.

I love the idea of a super uniform and simple gallery wall like this for your home (and this would really work anywhere in the house- entryway, bedroom, living room, etc.)  I think this would look so good with some wedding photos all in black and white too.

A few ideas on how to style some of the side tables/ottoman/console tables in your living room.  We don't have to add this many items, but just a few things to give it that "homey" feel.

I love how these leather chairs look against all the neutrals.  I really love that console table too and have linked some similar styles for behind your couch- adding some baskets underneath like they did would give you extra storage + some warmth and texture.

The overall color scheme and style of this space reminded me of your living room.  Here they have a sofa table behind the couch that they've styled with just a few accessories- no lamps.  Since you don't have plugs in the carpet, I think we could do something similar to this. Or if you would rather just have lamps and not plug them in, I do think they help anchor a room and we can do that instead.

I also like the wood option for a floor lamp (similar style here).  This room has a good balance of light neutral fabrics + reclaimed wood furniture and I love how they styled the coffee table + side tables.

Another built-in example- I love how they mixed in some old books and a few antique pieces for a little character.

My favorite idea for wall art is the map option that we discussed.  I'd love to take an old Kentucky map and enlarge it, then divide it amongst 6 or so frames for above the couch.  See some examples above + below.

A little more brown than what is in your room, but I love all the texture and the rustic wood accents in here.  I think just a few wood touches and woven baskets like this would add so much coziness to your room.

I like the idea of an industrial style floor lamp too, especially with the side tables that you have picked out.  I've linked several floor lamps styles in the next section.

One example of super, simple light solid curtains.  This is another option for the windows and something that would be classic and last for years.  A bench like they have above would also be another good option for that open wall by the window.

One more example of the simple, light curtains with an oil-rubbed bronze rod.  I also love these giant baskets for below the console table.  Depending on the size, we might even be able to do a chair on each side like they did above.

Below I've listed some of my picks for curtains, lighting, and wall art.  These are just some initial options and any feedback you can give me will help me narrow it down and/or give you more options for what you are wanting.  As always, if you see something you like but we need to find it at a different price or slightly different style, I am happy to do that.  You can click on any photo to see pricing and more details.

Below I've listed some console table options (all different price ranges) as well as a few cabinets for that open wall by the window.  I've also added some chair options, although that may be something you wait on since it is a higher priced item.  Note that any of the items from Restoration Hardware will have two prices listed- the member price is cheaper and I can get that pricing for you on any of those items.  All the chairs come in tons of different leather options too, so don't let the color be a deterrent if you like the overall style.  

Some more console table options in the baluster style that you were interested in:

A few more console tables in the style of the Restoration Hardware Dutch Industrial table but most are about half of the price:

More options for the other furniture piece by the window that have more storage/drawers. I also have a few showrooms in Louisville in mind that might have something that would work if you are open to something antique or more custom-made.  I should be going in the next couple of weeks and could send you some options then.