1. 2-4 more pillows (we only need a few since you have some already that work well; some options to choose from below; I also found one at Homegoods today).  I'm picturing a mix of neutrals with lots of texture: creams and whites with just maybe 1-2 with some blue tones too.

2. a round mirror for the wall- this one is my favorite

3. A large tray for the ottoman (I found one at Homegoods today that is very similar to Scott and Jenny's with metal + reclaimed wood that I'm hoping will work).  A few items to style the tray- maybe a plant and some coasters or books like in the inspiration photos in the next section.

4.  Shelf styling items for the 3 shelves by your television- I think this would be easiest if I just chose things and styled for you and then you can pick and choose if you don't like anything from there.  I'm thinking of a few crates/baskets so you have some storage and then just a few more items to fill the space- nothing to complicated or cluttered. 


5.  A long planter box or something similar for below the television on the mantle  (similar to below):


6. Round rug for below dining room table (6 ft round size)- some options below to choose from:


7. 2 more chairs for dining room- I think you said these were your favorite


8. Furniture piece for side wall in dining room- maybe a few lamps or decor to go on top if needed.  Let me know which of these styles you prefer so I can narrow down the options while I'm out looking- option 1-with closed storage (drawers/cabinets/etc.) or option 2- an open console table look?


9.  Possibly a few more pieces on the walls if needed- we may use those old frames you have and I'm definitely thinking we can hang that old window you have too.


10. Updating the fireplace stone/insert: lots of options for this and I've listed some ideas below:

First I think we can easily remove the brass/black insert or even paint it all black so that it is a little more modern and simple

Second, we could possibly retile the stone on the floor you have or paint it bright white (see example below).

OR if you want to go all-out, we can retile with a pretty simple white tile as well as reworking/updating the mantle too (example below).

11. For later: light fixture and fan; maybe curtains.

You have all the main pieces in place in the living room but just need a couple more accessories/items to tie everything together.  I'm picturing overall a modern/cozy space with mostly neutrals but a few pops of blues (like your rug)- super clean + minimal and not too cluttered.  I would keep the side table/dresser you have on the left side of the couch (maybe just replace the knobs and I can help with this); but I would get another slightly smaller table for the other side of the couch.  I would also hang a long curtain rod across all three windows with some simple white/sheer curtains on each side.  I would add some baskets/decor to your  built-in shelving to the right of the television as well.  We can either use the matching ottoman piece you have or get a wood coffee table for in front of the couch. See some of my inspirations/ideas below:

I love this overall color scheme/style for you space.  These curtains are very similar to what I'm picturing for your living room and I also like the mix of pillows and this coffee table option.

Lots of neutrals with a bit of blue- very similar to what I'm picturing for your living room.  I also like how they styled the tray on the ottoman. 

I love this style of coffee table as well and these bright, simple curtains are exactly what I have in mind for your windows.

A round mirror (like above on the left) is one example of wall art that we can add to fill in the walls but still look clean and not too cluttered.

Another neutral space with some soft blue tones and I love to overall simple styling of the decor too.

I love this mix of pattern and colors with the rug and pillows and also the simple white curtain and rod on the windows.

More of a bohemian look but overall very simple and modern like what I'm picturing for your living room.

This is a bit more cluttered and busy than I would do for your room but I love the colors and accessories that they used on the shelves.

I love how clean and simple this room feels and the overall color scheme in here.

This bright rug reminded me of yours and I like how they mixed different patterns and textures in here.

Another modern and clean space with lots of pale neutrals and blues.

Love the colors/textures and simple styling in here, especially with the frames on the wall.

I like how cozy this space feels and all the mixed artwork on the wall- would also love to incorporate a few plants into your room for some color.

More white curtains and super simple but cozy decor.

A little more color than what I'm picturing but I love the curtains/blinds and the overall styling and accessories used in here.

Another simple + bright space with clean minimal decor.

More of a farmhouse feel but I love this mix of pillows and the coffee table styling!

Below are some options for replacing your ceiling fan- I do think that this would make a huge difference in the room.  Hopefully these are a little more reasonable price-wise than what you mentioned! (click on any item for more info/pricing)

Below are some decor picks for the room- these are just some initial ideas/examples and we can definitely search for more options if you don't like certain things!

A few ideas for the dining room:

1.  I would consider possibly changing the light fixture to something a little more modern that flows better with both spaces.

2. Adding 4 matching chairs around the table and a round rug underneath.

3. Hanging the window piece you have on the wall somewhere.

4. Possibly adding one more furniture piece on the wall- maybe a bar cart/cabinet/ or we might even be able to use that other side table from your living room?

I love the mix of these metal chairs with the wood round table like yours!  We could also do a real simple arrangement in the center of your table with a tray/vase.  I also like this style of light fixture for above you table.

Another example of a round table with metal chairs.  I also like the simple arrangement in the center of the table and the mirrors on the wall.

More of a farmhouse vibe but I do like the addition of a bench to the side of the table if you wanted a little more seating in here.

Another super simple + clean space- slipcovered chairs like these are another option that would look great with your table.  I also love the plant in the corner and the simple glass light pendant!

One more option for your dining room would be to move the table off-center and add a bench/built-in seating on the left hand wall.  This would leave the right side of the room more open to get to the back door.  If you decided to go with this option we would probably need to move the light as well so that it was still centered over the table.

Another style of chair that I love and I also really like the baskets on the wall.

I really like this simple light fixture and the round jute rug in here!

Adding some open shelving like above is another option for filling one of your blank walls behind the table.  I really love this pattern of rug as well!

Super clean + simple little dining room with round table + metal chairs.

A bar cart would be a fun item to add in here as opposed to a more traditional piece of furniture.  This could be done with a variety of furniture whether it was an actual rolling bar cart or just a small cube/cabinet (like below) and we could even add some shelves above it if you wanted.  We could style it really cute too like above + below:

An example of a little bar area on the wall with shelving above.

A coffee bar is another idea for this same type of set-up (see above + below):

Below are some decor ideas for this room including lighting/rugs/chairs/etc. (you can click on any picture for more pricing/details!):