I always like to start with a handful of inspiration photos + list some ideas from each one for your space.  From there we can decide what ideas you like/don't like and then I can start narrowing down some decor picks for you (frames/fabrics/colors/etc.)  See my favorite inspirations below:

I love the classic, historic feel of your space and would love to make it feel even more stately and true to the time period.  I love the different size frames they used in the space above- I think possibly enlarging some of your prints/photos to larger sizes will help define the space more.  Right now all the photos and frames you have are around the same size so it would make a huge difference to have some larger.  I also like the mix of gold/wood frames they used and the weight of them.  Simply rematting/reframing many of your photos/prints will give them that more historical, stately look.  

I love the simplicity of the wood tables/place settings and the sconces on the wall.  I think adding some wall lighting like this would fit in nicely and add some ambience.

I'm picturing a mix of large/antique looking frames like this and some more simple wood frames too.  I think the mix will make it feel eclectic and modern but not too formal.  

I don't know exactly how your space is laid out but I'd love to incorporate some vintage leather pieces, whether it be booths, armchairs, etc.  I love the tables/chairs/table settings above for a simple update of your space.  You could likely just use the furniture you have now but just strip the tablecloth off- we could even distress or stain some of the tables.

Another cozy bar area- I love the sconces once again on the wall and the way they created the seating with the long booth with pillows and mix and match tables/chairs.  I love the wood paneling you have in your room, but I do think we could add a bit of a modern touch by painting just the trim or a few accent trim areas for some contrast (see photo below for an example of what I'm thinking- leave walls wood, just paint the trim).

I'd love to incorporate some antique furniture pieces into the room that can also be functional for seating- leather chairs, antique tables, old trunks/etc.

Another mix and match seating area that I love using an old bench/church pew.  I also like the eclectic mix on their gallery wall including some antique mirrors.  I like the simple white tablecloths too.

We could also incorporate a few shelves to break up the gallery walls even more and add some dimension.  I love the colors they used in this space too.

Love these frames and the overall styling of this vignette- it would be neat to find some old equestrian trophies to use around the space too.

This was a good example of incorporating some furniture pieces into the seating- I like how they used a couple of armchairs with a table in between to just break up the space and make it feel cozy.  

Love the velvet and the plaid in this room and the dark paneling.  I'd love to do some chic velvet or plaid long panels on your windows to dress up the room and give it this feel.  I also noticed you had some neat taxidermy hanging near the bar and I'd like to bring that out and highlight it on a main wall.

Love this style of seating with benches and mix and match chairs/tables.  I also like the dark moody paint color in here- I'd love to do something like that just on the trim in the room or maybe the ceiling?  I don't know if you could use a giant old chalkboard but that also might be a neat addition for the walls.

I love your bar area and think we could really just take it up a notch by restyling/reorganizing everything and maybe adding a few more decorative touches/shelving here or there.  I'd love to bring out the beautiful molding around the bar by possibly painting it a contrasting color or staining it so that it really stands out from the walls.  I also love the old black and white print that they englarged for behind the bar- just another unique idea for the walls possibly.

I really love this bar set-up and the overall styling of it!

An over-the-top old school tavern look- a little darker and more traditional than what I'm picturing but I love the gallery feel.

Love all the plaid, the gallery wall feel, and the addition of some antique rugs-  I'd love to layer some rugs if possible in your space- maybe a cowhide/oriental rug combo or something similar?

Love the simple + clean dining space layout and the addition of some gray with the wood to modernize it.

A more clean-lined look- love the leather chairs, bistro tables, and lighting above the paintings.

Love this darker wood bar and the overall styling/organization of it.  

Love this addition of shelves on the wall and the little conversation/seating areas.

I really like all the leather in this space, the sconce on the wood paneling, and the antique rug.

I always like to give a few decor picks just so you can see what I'm picturing as far as the accessories/items I might have mentioned above.  If you like any of these items but need them in a different price range/slightly different size/etc. we can absolutely work to find that.  I also think we can find many of the items to complete this space vintage/thrifted/antique. You can click on any of the items to see more info/pricing.