1. matching mirrors for above each bedside table

2. create small sitting area with 1-2 chairs or a small couch for left side/corner of room.

3. uniform gallery wall on empty walls on each side of bathroom door

4. neutral/cozy layered bedding  (you already have the basics but maybe a few more decorative pieces)

5. simple curtains for the windows

6. a few accessories for tabletops/bedside tables

Above + below are a few examples of the type of gallery wall I am thinking for the empty walls near the bathroom.  Jenny had actually shown me the photo below for the living room but we didn't have any big open walls to do it there, so I think this might be the perfect spot.  I still have a folder she sent me of wedding photos, but if you have any other family photos you might want to include, feel free to send my way.  

Above + below are good examples of what I'm picturing as far a seating arrangement, but over on the left side/corner of you room instead of at the end of the bed like above.  I think a couple of chairs would look best angled slightly with a table in between, but if you prefer a small couch, you have plenty of room for that instead.  

Above is an example of matching mirrors above each bedside table like I'm picturing for your room.

Above + below are good examples of the curtains/bedding I'm picturing for the space.