Below I've done just a very basic mock-up of the front of the house including all the ideas I had.  Some of these (like the windows) may be things that you save up for eventually and don't do right away, but I wanted to go ahead and give you the ideas.  I think adding some contrast and dimension to the front of the house is key for modernizing it.  Some black paned windows would completely change the look of the house and give it a much more modern feel.  I think we should replace the front door with a classic craftsman style wood door that we can either stain or purchase pre-stained (see ideas below).  I'd do a classic but modern style black lantern for the lights.  I would also like to add some wood planter boxes on the front windows for dimension and a pop of color.  To tie everything together, I think it would be nice to do some kind of wood beam/support around the entry (see inspiration photos below for a better visual).

Above are exactly the kind of windows I am picturing and you can see how great they look against a light-colored siding house like yours.  

Love this lantern placement and the addition of a pendant light on the porch too.  I'd love to try to do a matching pendant dropping down above the door if we have enough room.  I'd also like to do some kind of simple box planters with greenery on each side of the porch to anchor the space.  I really like this classic door color too- getting an unfinished wood door and painting it any color you like is also an option if you didn't want to stain it.  This might add some much needed color to the front of the house too.

I know you mentioned adding some stone around the entryway area and above was just an example of stone with siding that I liked.  I think that this would be an easy way to add contrast and dimension to the front landscape- they even make faux stone now that goes right over siding (see below).

I love this style of door and the tone of this stain - I've linked several similar options at the end of this section!

One more example of a more contemporary style house like yours with a mix of siding and stone.

Another stained wood door that I loved and classic black lantern (I've also linked some lighting options at the end of this section too!)

Another example of the windows I am picturing- I think they perfectly blend the modern style of your house with a more classic, farmhouse look too.

Above is what I'm picturing as far as the wood trim around the porch/entry area (maybe also with a beam or trim across the top).  I think this would really update the outside of the house and add some dimension so it doesn't feel so flat.  Love the black, more industrial style lantern too.

Love these ferns + this stained wood door- I'd love to also do some dark oil-rubbed bronze hardware/knobs on the door like this.


One more example of the style of windows that I am picturing.  I also like how they added some of those industrial style lanterns over the windows- might be another nice way to break up the front of the house and add contrast.

I also love the classic look of this style of door with the medium gray paint.

Another gray door that I love with matching metal planters and a simple black pendant lantern.

Love these black lanterns and the hanging planters on each side of the door too.

Another gray door that I love with siimple black lanterns + I also really like the planters and plants they used.

I really like this navy door with the black lanterns too and all the trim they added around the door to make it stand out.

A simple black door with lantern sconce pair and a matching pendant.

 I don't think it would take much to make this space feel really cozy and pulled together.  I love your bed and bedspread- all we'd really need to add to the bed is maybe a throw/quilt on the end and some fun pillows, layer everything up so it feels super cozy + full.  I'd also add a rug under the end of the bed and some bamboo shades and curtains behind your bed on the window (see some examples below).  Finally, I know you mentioned replacing some of the bedroom furniture (nightstands and dressers) so I've linked some options below, but we can also be thrifty with that and shop at places like Restore etc.  I couldn't remember if you had a fan or light fixture in here over the bed but we can also update that if needed.    

This is one of my favorite bedrooms- love the wall color, rug, pops of color on the bed, curtains, and bedside tables.  

I love the super neutral and traditional style of this room and I think this classic look would definitely go well with your beautiful bed.


I also love this color scheme and the idea for filling the wall with frames around the bed!

Super light and bright with an antique bed- love all the white + the more modern bedside tables + rugs.  Doing some wall-mounted sconces like this on each side of your bed would be a great option to saving space in here too. 

I also love this dark color on the walls and the combination of patterns + colors.  Would love to do a bamboo shade like this on the windows + some simple, classic decor.

 A little more modern style but I love the soft colors, neutrals, + printed rug

So many things I love here: the pops of black and white, ship-lap wall behind the bed, mirrored nightstands, and bright white, simple bedding.

Another more modern space but I love the simplicity and sophisticated color palette.  I think this style could definitely work even with your more traditional style bed- I love to mix and match the different styles.

Another pretty antique bed with lots of bright white + a classic feel.

I love how they spaced the curtains in here to make the room feel larger- I'd love to do a combo like this behind your bed and hang the curtains at this height.  I really love the overall color scheme + mix of modern and traditional in this room too- I think this style would be perfect for your bedroom.  The wall color is gorgeous too and super peaceful for a bedroom.

Simple + minimal but very chic too- I'd love to add a leaning mirror like this to your room to open up the space.

Another mix of modern + traditional- love the printed rug, bright white walls, and simple bedding.

This little bed nook reminded me of your bedroom- I think the bright white really opens up the entire room.

A priority in this room would be reworking the stairs to something less contemporary and much more safe.  I'd like to do a more traditional staircase with a rail like this with lots of built-in storage underneath so you have no wasted space.  Adding storage here may also allow you to get rid of one of the bulky dressers and make the space feel more open.


Just one example of storage under the stairs- I like this staircase too but would definitely add a railing so that it was a little safer.


This is probably my favorite storage idea- everything would be enclosed + look super clean and organized. 


I love this light + bright color scheme and the placement of the curtains behind the bed.  I'd love to do some curtains like this in your room spanning the entire back wall to soften the space and make it feel larger.


Love the simple rug, sconces beside the bed, and bench at the end of the bed- this room is super classic with a modern twist and I like the overall simplicity of it.


One more pretty soft neutral bedroom with a bed in front of a window.  I think the addition of a rug and curtains in your bedroom will make all the difference.


I love how they mixed the more traditional furniture pieces in here with some modern touches like the rug and bedding and the overall neutral color scheme in here.

I have been thinking about this bathroom non-stop and how to make it more functional and create an entrance to your bedroom.  I've come up with a few different options but my contractor may have some more insight or ideas with this when we decide to meet with him. I'll list my ideas separately because each could work on their own, or as a combination if you want to completely overhaul the space.  

1.My first thought was to basically just switch the doorway to the room with the sink location (see blow).  This would push the doorway down further into the bedroom side and you could add a little wall/sliding barn door to then separate the bathroom and bedroom.  Closing off the old doorway and creating a new sink area there (you would probably then have room for a double sink with more counter space or storage in between (I've listed some examples in my inspiration photos below).  

2.  If you wanted to keep going with the bathroom redesign, I would turn the shower so it was a walk-in shower on the back wall, eliminating the narrow hallway feel of the shower/toilet area now and opening up the bathroom more.  The toilet could come out from the back to the wall beside the shower.

3. You could also just leave everything including the entrance as-is and get a completely new sink area configuration that would give you more counterspace/storage.  I think you have plenty of space for it as-is, but the vanities you have just aren't practical for the space and have hardly any counter top.  

4.  Utilize the little office room behind the master bedroom and open that up to the master bedroom.   Still close off the old entrance to your master and now your new entrance is the office entrance (which will take you into the bedroom instead of the bathroom).  That would give you room to reconfigure the sink area/bathroom as needed too with the old entrance gone.  Now your loft stairs would basically be floating in between the two spaces and would need to be open underneath (so you couldn't do the storage under there) BUT you will gain all kinds of new space for extra storage having the old office completely open to the bedroom.

If we are able to separate the spaces more and create an entrance into the bedroom- I'd love to do some kind of sliding door in between the bedroom and the bathroom like this.

One vanity option that could replace your exisitng sink area- I think you could easily fit this into the space even without changing any of the entrances. This would give you a little makeup area and so much extra storage too.


A neat idea for a unique size/shape bathroom space like yours that I liked too.


This is similar to what I was picturing when discussing flipping the shower to the back wall-  a simple walk-in shower like this with a glass door will open up the space so much.

Another vanity option that I think you could fit into your space with or without a lot of renovations.


One other idea to save a little space on the sink area: one large sink with two faucets- may give you a little more counterspace on the sides.

I love all the storage in this sink area- a little bigger than what you have room for right now but we could do something very similar on just a bit smaller scale.

Another walk-in shower set-up on the back wall with lots of built-in storage too- love how they made use of this unique space.

Another space-saving shower- lots of glass and white tile to open up the room.


This style of shower would also work for the end of the bathroom wall.


We also have the option to create a cute dressing table/vanity area somewhere else in the bedroom for you or we could use that office room as a dressing room/walk-in closet too.


One other sink option with lots of storage in the middle that utilizes the entire wall.

Love this overall layout for your bathroom with the location of the shower and toilet.

One more idea for extra storage above the sink area if needed.


This sink area has much more counterspace than your current set-up and is a similar size too.  I also love the size/style and location of the shower.

One more idea for some extra storage- open shelvings on the walls around the toilet.

Your living room has such a great layout and unique features like the vaulted wood ceiling and amazing fireplace. I think we could really pull it together with just a few finishing touches and updates to utilize all the space so nothing is wasted.  I think we should be able to open up the wall at least a little bit (hopefully all the way), between the kitchen and living room, which will make the whole house flow perfectly.  Below I've gathered some inspiration photos for each space and I'll list my thoughts/ideas below each one:

This pretty fireplace reminded me of yours.  I love how you have updated the stone by painting it and I think the next step would be to add a mantle of some sort to break up all the white- I would go for a simple reclaimed wood mantle like above.  I also love all the colors and overall decor of this room and think that this would be a perfect style for your living room.  Lots of neutrals and pops of blue and green throughout.  

I think that another impact in the room would be creating or using some kind of built-in on the television wall to better fill the space.  The ceilings are so high here that you really need something with some height to balance out the room.  I've listed several options for this below (and some you can shop at the end of this post) but we could also build something more custom too.  I love how they filled this whole wall above by even adding a row of pictures above the built-in.

Another built-in set-up that I liked (this would also give you lots of closed storage for toys or things you want to hide!).  I love the idea of really brightening up the space with some white like this.

One more white built-in that I liked and I love the sconces they added at the top too.

I really liked this fresh and clean color pallette and room decor.  You have great furniture pieces already and we could pull everything together even more and brighten it up with an area rug, some new pillows, and accessories (I've listed some options at the end of this post).

Another simple mantle that I loved against the white stone.

If you did want to break up the stone a little more, we could add some shiplap/wood treatment to the top half and I loved this chevron style shiplap.  I would still keep it white and do a reclaimed wood mantle for some contrast.  

One other option for the tv if you didn't want to invest in a giant entertainment unit- this uses a simple console at the bottom and then they added shelves around the tv to create the illusion of height.  If you were interested in going this route and would rather mount the tv, I do work with a company that can get it mounted and hide all the cords too.

I really love this wall color for your room or maybe just an accent wall.  I also love the bamboo shades and think these would be perfect for your windows and they look great even without curtains.  I have these on just about every window in my house and they just make the windows look a little more finished and add a little texture to the space.  I also love the brass lamp and would love to add some brass accents throughout the room. I also think you have room for maybe a couple more small side tables by your couches and I really like the look of this one above.  That is definitely something we could find at the Restore or thrift stores and paint.

Another example of tv console set-up for your large wall.  They kind of created a gallery wall around the tv and I love all the decor they used in this room. 

I really love this shelf styling and if you did any kind of built-ins, we could fill them with things like this that would add so much interest to the room.

I believe I used this picture in Christine's plan too but I just love this idea so much for the television wall!  We could easily recreate this with a couple of matching bookshelves, a bench in between, add some moldings to make them look built-in, and then creating a section of ship-lap in between for the television to be mounted on.  I think a little touch of ship-lap on this wall would match perfectly if you did a reclaimed mantle on your fireplace and really tie the whole room together.  I also love the overall color scheme/style of this room.

Love this television console and the color they used to paint it, especially against the white walls.  I also like how they style all the photos and pictures around the television to keep your eye moving throughout the room.  

I really like this light and bright neutral color scheme with touches of dark gray and wood.  I'd love to add a little pattern into your room either with a printed rug or printed curtains.

A few ideas for filling the walls in the rest of the room- I love this collection of family photos, all in black and white and in the same clean, modern frames.

Another more eclectic gallery wall collection with pops of gold.

As far as the little nook on the other side of the living room- my idea here is to create a little workspace/play area/storage area that the entire family can use.  I'm envisioning some open shelving or cubbies, maybe a table or desk area, or even a little reading nook.  I love the idea above for toy storage and the chalkboard is an item that your daughter would be able to draw on when she gets older, but it also doubles as cute wall art.

Above is an example of what I'm picturing for one of the walls in the little nook- a built-in table that any of you could use to work/play on with some open shelving above that could store toys/books/decor/ etc.  This type of space would also flow well into the living room so it wouldn't feel like two separate areas.

We could also create a little daybed/reading nook type area instead of a desk space with storage for toys below and lots of shelving around.

Here's an easy built-in idea for the nook too that's more geared towards your daughter and giving her a little play area near the living room, but it also looks cute and we can make it match and flow with the decor of the living room.

Another smaller reading nook example and I love the idea of doing a little shiplap/reclaimed wall on this section with a wall sconce/ pendant light above.

Another workspace example with open shelving above-super clean and modern.  I'd probably add some more closed storage and warm it up with some baskets/crates for storage.

One more reading nook example with lots of storage drawers underneath and open shelving.  We could completely customize this to the space and also customize the storage around it to fit your needs.

One of my favorite nooks that kind of combines all my ideas into one little space that would flow so perfectly into your living room area and give you extra seating.

More toy storage and a fun rug to separate the space.

I love this idea too because it doubles as a workspace and a play area too and has lots of storage.

I like this workspace nook too and the darker color against the wall behind it for some contrast.

Below are just some examples of items that I think would work in the room: built-ins, pillows, curtains, rugs, ceiling fans, and sconces (to replace the 3 lights on your ceiling/wall area).  These are just some suggestions to get started and we can always look for similar items at other stores/ price ranges if needed.

I love all the pieces that you have picked out in your dining room so far and I think we could easily finish out this space with just a few finishing touches.   A light fixture, curtains, and wall decor would be my main priorities in here and I'd love to play off the colors in your beautiful rug.  See my inspiration photos + ideas below:

I love the overall style of this space and how fresh and clean all the neutrals look against the bright rug and walls.  As far as chairs for the dining table, I think we have a few options: 1. we could paint your existing chairs (either all black or maybe a fun color to play off of the rug.  I think your chairs would be fine but I do worry about the color of the wood seats clashing a little with the color of the new table so I'd make them all one color.) 2. Do a few chairs on one side and a bench on the other like above 3.  If you were interested in new chairs I would recommend a light distressed wood for some contrast and that airy farmhouse feel (I've listed some options at the end of this post).

Another bright and clean space-  I love how they added some wicker chairs to the end of the table for a little texture.  I also like the idea of hanging a collection of plates on the wall for some unique wall art- we could do all white like this or maybe some vintage/antique blue patterned plates too.  A console table like they have on the left of the above picture would be a nice addition to fill in the blank wall in the back left of your room.

This rug reminded me of yours and I love how it looks with the distressed wood table and bright white chairs- this is just another idea for seating around the table.  I also like how they mixed the more rustic farmhouse look with the midcentury elements like the chairs and light fixture.  I'd love to incorporate a few midcentury elements into your dining room design to help blend your style with the clean lines and architecture of your contemporary home.

This room is also a unique blend of styles with another pretty rug.  I like how they incorporated some brass accents and blended the modern with the more antique furniture too.

I love this light fixture for over your table, and these chairs- I picked some similar ones for you to check out at the end of this section.


I also love the simplicity of this dining room with the wood bench, chairs, and dining table.  We could also go this route and do white, sheer curtains, keeping everything minimal, classic, and bright.

I really love this blend of styles with the slightly more modern-industrial light fixture and gallery wall and the farmhouse style table and chairs.  This combination of styles would be perfect for your space and I'd love to do a gallery wall like this over your sideboard ( I think you mentioned wanting to do something similar with uniform frames and maybe some map or KY prints?)  I've linked some similar light fixtures + frames below.

This small dresser/buffet would also be a nice addition to fill in the space on the far left wall and I love this colorful plate collection too.  Just another idea for filling the walls in this space.

A really pretty blend of midcentury and classic farmhouse style- love the more modern light fixture and I think it blends so nicely with the more traditional furniture and rug (like yours).  If you wanted we could also just get some seat cushions for your exisiting chairs too like they did above- it's a nice way to dress up plain dining chairs.

Another super clean and minimal gallery wall- this is exactly what I'm picturing for filling one of your walls in here.

Love this blend of styles and the bright white chairs against the wood table.  I also like how they placed some upholstered chairs on either side of the buffet- we could probably do this on each side of your taller cabinet in the center of the wall to fill up the room a little more and you can always pull them up as extra seating at the table if needed.  A big leaning mirror might also be a nice touch in here and a good way to fill the space.


This is one of my personal favorite dining rooms and it reminded me of your house because the home is very contemporary/midcentury but the furniture and decor they have used is very rustic/farmhouse and it all blends perfectly.  I really like the collections of antique jars on the left side and think something like that would be perfect for filling the top of your tall cabinet.

Another fun midcentury light fixture and I love the curtains + bamboo shades in here.  I'd love to do a similar combination in your dining room.  My initial thoughts for curtains was something super dramatic like a navy or gray velvet that played off the rug and anchored the room.  I'd love to add some deep pops of color inspired by your rug.

Love the black chairs and the baskets for wall decor- some textured elements like basket hangings or wood architectural pieces would be a good way to fill your walls too.

One more fun gallery wall idea- ledges filled with family photographs that you can continue to add to year after year.  

Simple and clean- love the gallery wall and old map- I have some giant old KY maps that might be perfect for one of your walls.  I also like the simple neutral linen cushions on the chairs to soften up all the wood.

I think some pretty jars like these would be great accents for the room and inside your large cabinet too.  Also love the curtain/shade combo + fun modern chairs with all the traditional furniture.

I also really like the combination of this fun printed curtain with the oriental rug- could be a fun pop of color + pattern.  We could definitely make a print work as long as it was in the same color family and a different scale of print than your rug (like above).

Finally, I love you little wet bar area and would love to completely fill it and style it up with some fun glasses and vintage barware/accessories/pictures.

I think it could be fun to paint your little wet bar nook a darker color for some contrast- maybe a blue tone/navy shade to tie everything together with the rug/curtains/etc.

Below I've listed just a few options for chairs, light fixtures, curtains, and decor.  These are all just some examples of styles that I was picturing and we can always look for more options.  A few of the chair sets are from a wholesale warehouse so I wasn't able to link them for you but I listed the price below them- everything else you should be able to click on for more info!