Rug size needed approximately 8 x 10; a 6 x 9 would also work

Sizes needed: approximately a (3 x 5) or (4 x 6) for by the door; runner for hall area- most of these below come in both sizes

I always like to offer my clients a lot of options, and I think we could completely update this space whether it be with just a few tweaks or more in-depth projects- it's completely up to you!  I like to start by listing some inspiration photos and then I will make notes under each one with my ideas.  After that I've listed a floor plan, paint colors, and then some decor picks (you can click on any of those to see the price/more details). 

I really love the regal look of this room and I think you have such beautiful furniture and historical elements already that make this look completely doable.  I really like the soft, neutral color on the walls (I'll list some paint color options at the end of this post too!)  I think that it would really update the room to have a brighter, more neutral color on the wall and let the patterns on your curtains really stand out.  I also like the rug and think you could easily add a rug or two especially in the seating area.  I also love the idea of some bookshelves on either side of the fireplace- we could use antique shelves or try to have something built-in too.  I think adding a few furniture pieces with some height would really balance the space out well.

Another pretty rug and neutral walls.  I also love the gallery wall of antique floral pictures and think that this would be so pretty to do on one wall to play off the floral curtains.  

I also love these blue tones for the walls too, just one more option.  I also like the accessories in here: antique jars, candlesticks, and baskets.  We could add some little touches like this throughout the room.

I love the mirrors in this space and think you definitely have some wall space that we could use for some antique mirrors.  I also think we could add some more lamps/floor lamps throughout the room like they have used in here.  I really like how they mixed patterns too with the rug and the curtains- I'd love to do this with a coordinating, printed rug in the center of the room.

Another really pretty neutral room with bookcases flanking the fireplace.  I'd love to add some greenery and maybe a few plants to accessorize the space and brighten it up too.   I really love how they clustered and arranged their framed artwork too and think that we could do something similar on your open walls.

I also love this yellow color for the walls and the brighter pillows.  I think we could definitely brighten up the couches with some more pillows and bring color throughout the room. 

I love this sage green color for the walls too and the styled bookshelves.   I think just adding one or two bookshelves or a taller piece of furniture somewhere in the room would really balance the space out well.  

A really pretty slightly gray pale pastel that looks great with purple too.  I love the softness of this room and the gold accessories.

I really love the traditional but slightly bohemian flair of this space.  I definitely think we could style your space towards this look too just by changing/adding some different accessories.

I really love this slightly darker grassy green color too- so classic and pretty!   I  also like the velvet furniture and think some velvet pieces/fabrics would fit in beautifully with your existing furniture- we could also recover some of your chair cushions (like the four wooden chairs that go around the table in the corner).

More pretty pale neutrals on the walls and lots of mixed patterns and accessories!

I really love these blue tones for an accent color- possibly just on the fireplace or mantle?  See below for another example: 

More of that gorgeous blue color- I think this might be a bit much for the entire room but it could be a fun accent color for one area (maybe the fireplace or mantle?)

Another really pretty set-up with neutral walls and lots of mixed patterns, colors, and prints.  

Here is a sample floor plan I came up with if you are interested in rearranging at all.  I think that the way you have your couches set up now might end up working out best in the end, but this is one option I thought of to open it up a little bit, especially so that you are walking into an open space instead of the back of a couch.  I think we actually have room for a few more furniture pieces in here, one thing I would recommend is something a bit taller like a bookcase (like I mentioned above).  I noticed you have several smaller tables and we could use those beside the couches or chairs to create little sitting areas.  Sometimes rearranging is more of a hands-on project that I need to do in person to really figure out what looks best, but this is something to consider.

Below are just a few of my ideas for paint colors + some possible accent colors for the fireplace- of course we can sample these in the room and up against the fabrics and prints we will be using for a better idea of how they look.

I think we could definitely do a printed rug in the main sitting area but also possibly a smaller one in the back area too (I love mixing and matching different printed rugs).  I think all these options would work perfectly with the colors you have in your curtains and the prints would also coordinate well with that floral print.

Below are just a few of my ideas for pillows, accessories, and furniture.  These are just some examples and of course I would definitely like to incorporate some antique pieces and am happy to find anything similar to what you like within your budget!  I listed a few coffee tables because I think you definitely have room for a larger table if you would like, but I also think an antique piece might fit in best here.   

The biggest impact in here (which you mentioned), will be just tweaking and re-styling all the shelves.  I know your husband is hesitant about this, but I think I can get it done while still leaving everything he has still on the shelves.  We could use some wood boxes, crates, and organizers to hide the more unsightly things (vitamins, medicine, keys, etc.) but keep them still within reach, highlight the more attractive items, and layer the accessories/books so that they look organized but styled too.  Above is just an example of my vision for these shelves- simply stacking books and turning them different directions, layering photos and accessories, and spacing everything more intentionally can make the biggest difference! 

This cozy space very much reminded me of your office too- I love the darker color on the walls (a medium gray) and think that painting the walls you have could really update the room while keeping the overall traditional feel with the furniture and accessories (I would of course leave all the wood built-ins and paneling you have untouched because they are gorgeous as-is).  I also like the addition of a rug to cozy up the space and make it feel completely pulled together.  I also wanted to point out the unique upholstery on the chair- leather back and trim with a tweed seat cushion.  I thought this might be a cool update for your leather settee that you mentioned re-upholstering.  You could probably leave all the leather as-is and just upholster the damaged seat cushion.   

Another beautiful, bold color on the walls that I love.  I think a darker, more bold green or a gray tone would be perfect to update the room.  I love the styling of the shelves and bar cart too- I noticed your husband had a small table in the corner that we could style as a bar cart like this.

I really like the green color on the back of these shelves too for the walls possibly and the neat and organized shelf styling.  I think a nice floor lamp might be a good addition too.

More shelf styling inspiration for a cozy office space.  I really love the placement of the wall art on the left hand side and think we could definitely cluster some pictures and photos like this to fill the walls.  I also really like the medium-gray taupe color of the walls.

I love the rug in this space and the dark, moody colors.  I also really like how they layered some photos and accessories on the front of the bookcases and thought this might be a nice option for styling all the built-ins in this room.

One other thing that is definitely needed in this room is some type of rack for hats- I noticed your husband had many hats stacked up on the shelves.  We could free up a ton of shelf space by hanging a hat rack somewhere in the room to organize the hats (see above and below).

One more shelf styling inspiration- I like the mixture of objects and accessories within the books- this will help your shelves look more styled and less cluttered. Below are a few of my accessory/decor picks: some rugs, accessories, attractive organizers for the shelves, and hat rack options- just some ideas to get us started!: