Below is my initial idea for your showroom floorplan.  Most importantly I'd love to have a large meeting area for you and your clients in the center of the room- either a long table or a large round one with lots of chairs/stools around.  I also think it would be fun to have a little beverage/coffee station for your clients to enjoy while meeting!  If we have room, I'd love to also have some separate desk/work spaces for both of you up against the wall and we can decorate above the desks with open shelving/gallery wall/etc.  Finally, if there's space, I think it would be cute to have a little sitting area over by the far window, either with two chairs and a table in between, or some kind of vintage settee/banquette with a coffee table in front.

I like to start all my design plans with some inspiration photos to give you ideas of what I'm envisioning!  After I hear your feedback on what spaces/ideas stand out to you the most, I can start picking more specific decor and narrowing down some selections for you!

I love the clean, modern, yet traditional feel of this office space.  The dark statement wall is a nice contrast with all the bright white.  I also like the idea of adding an old fireplace mantle to your space for some character and we could decorate it real cute (you could also add little bits of holiday decor to it throughout the year!).  

A super simple, bright white space- love the stacked photo books on the table in the seating area, the simple white curtains, and chandelier.

More of a French country look that is super romantic and appropriate for weddings I thought.  We could achieve this look with a mix of vintage and antique furniture while also mixing in some modern touches to make it your own.


I'm not sure if you are allowed to paint, but I loved this idea for a chalkboard wall- thought it would be cute behind a small desk for each of you to showcase your business name and some basic info.

Above is similar to the meeting area I'm picturing for the center of the room: a long table over a printed rug with a mix of chairs and stools around it.  I think this is most practical for meeting with clients because it gives you room to spread out, have your computer on the table and any other papers/photos spread out too.  We could also do some shelving/built-ins like this too if you like that look.  I love this color scheme and the simple lampshade pendants over the table.

I really love this blush, gold, and white space too!  Love the open shelving and the giant bulletin board too!

Another idea for displaying photos if you want a less permanent option- something like this or maybe a row of clipboards would allow you to update and change out photos regularly too.  You can also have framed photos too but this might be a cool display for over a work space or desk area on one wall.

Love this long wood table with the black chairs and giant lampshade pendants.  I also like this gray color on the shelves- overall this decor is super simple but modern and would appeal to just about any bride.

Another bulletin board/collage wall above a desk area.  I really love that little pop of floral wallpaper over in the corner too- something like that would be so pretty to do on one wall or just a small section!

Classic tiffany blue, black, and white- super glam and vintage!

Clean and modern but with some vintage flair- love the pops of color and that brass wall art!  I especially love the pale pastel wall color.

A pretty, chic meeting space- lots of glossy white furniture and shelving with pops of pink and gold!  Love the gray curtains too.

A more traditional and gender neutral option that would appeal to everyone (and in case your partner doesn't want a super girly office!) Love that super uniform gallery wall and the mix of rustic furniture with more modern pieces- I think this style feels super cozy too. 

I love the way these black and white photos look all lined up in these simple white gallery frames- would love to do something like this to display photos of both of your all's work!

I also think it would really set your space apart to have a little beverage station for clients to enjoy while meeting with you.  We could really customize it to whatever you want whether its just bottled drinks, coffee bar, champagne and barware, etc.  We could have lots of cute cups, napkins, straws etc. and style it up really cute.  I think it would be a very memorable feature that your clients would really enjoy and share with others!

A super simple + chic coffee bar set up- love this!

A full-on snack + beverage station with fridges, countertop, and chalkboard wall.  We could duplicate this look for half the price by finding an similar reclaimed cabinet piece and refurbishing it.

We can also just make this as simple as having a little bar cart/beverage cart instead of a full-blown area.  

Love this super clean, black and white beverage area too!  Would be so easy to duplicate with some open shelving and a similar cabinet/buffet piece from IKEA!

I really love this lighting but also love the clean, airy feel of this space- everything is very simple but still chic and beautiful!  Love all the white with the patterned rug!


Another bright white workspace with pops of pale pastel-  I also really love the idea of a round table for the meeting area in the center of the room.  We could duplicate the look of these chairs by getting inexpensive white slipcovers for just about any kind of old chair.  I also like how there is a separate office/workspace for you all to use when you are not meeting with clients.

Would love to do a beautiful focal piece on one of the walls with an antique frame or mirror like this- incorporate faux flowers or greenery!  We could even put a cute quote inside the frame or your business' names.

Another pretty, uniform gallery wall with all the same size matted white frames- love this look!

I also really love all these pretty colors and that gorgeous floral print rug!  Such a perfect style to get you in the wedding mood!

Modern, clean, + chic- love the simplicity of this space and I think it would really stand out to your clients

A little more of a vintage, bohemian style- would love to incorporate some vintage armchairs or settee like this into your space!

Love this modern, girly space- the navy, gold, and pink is such a popular color scheme for weddings too!  The simple, sheer white curtains are an easy way to dress up the windows with out spending much money at all- and it makes your space feel finished too! Love this cowhide rug and the light fixture- such a neat mix of glam and rustic pieces.