I like to start with some inspiration photos to help us visualize ideas for your space.  I've pulled together some of my favorite ideas and a variety of styles for you to look at.  Let me know if any in particular stand out to you and we can continue to narrow down our options!

A simple covered patio option with rustic furniture and filled in with lots of greenery and plants.

A more substantial covered porch option with a vaulted ceiling, outdoor curtains, and chandelier.  We will have plenty o room for both a dining area and a seating area on your back porch area right off the house.

Another covered porch option that could either be right off the house or further out in the yard.  This is a great layout if you wanted to incorporate an outdoor fireplace as opposed to a firepit.  

We could also do a cute little outdoor prep area/kitchen like this on the patio too.

A simple and rustic outdoor patio with a covered dining area and neutral decor.

 A cute little mini covered area with mulch that might be a nice option for filling in some of the bare/open areas out in the yard.  

I also love this little paved firepit area for out in the yard with some string lights, lots of chairs, and plants.

A bright and modern seating area and dining table set up under a pergola covering.

Above is an option for dressing up the patio area without necessarily covering it.   Adding some more permanent seating/firepit and some barriers to separate the patio from the yard.

A pergola is also another option for covering the patio but still keeping that open feel, you can even create a wall or two on one side with stone for privacy.

Another pretty pergola option with columns as the base and an outdoor fireplace.

A simple covered patio with rustic beams and metal roof.  

Covered patio with open sides, white paneling and black metal columns.  I love all the black and white prints too.

Another pretty pergola option with walls and an outdoor fireplace.  

A more rustic pergola with open sides.  I also love the wicker furniture, lanterns, large dining table, and neutral color scheme.

 Partially covered patio with open sides, lots of neutral decor and plants.

A more finished look covered patio with a beadboard ceiling and outdoor pendants/lighting.  I love all the neutral furniture/cushions with pops of bright color.

Above is a good option for dividing the patio from the yard while also creating privacy, these planters are also great for areas out in the yard too.

Covered dining area with large beams and rustic wood.  I also love the long dining table with bench seating.

Fireplace set-up with stone and built in bench seating/planters.

Partially covered patio with built-in fireplace and a rock filled dining area beside it.

Beautiful covered porch area with a built-in fireplace, ceiling fan, and super cozy feel.