approximately 2 x 6 ft. size

For the living room I am picturing something super cozy and neutral with a few pops of color in the accessories/pillows.  Choosing a couch will be the first step to defining the space- I've listed both sectional/couch options at the end of this section and even added an additional section with some more inexpensive couch options too.  One thing to consider is that a sectional will close off the room a bit so that you won't have that sight line into the space from the front door.  You could also do a couch and a loveseat too instead of a sectional.  You have a lot of space so there is plenty of options!  See my ideas and inspirations below:

Above is one of my favorite inspiration photos for your living room- I love all the soft neutrals and fabrics mixed with some bright greens and overall traditional yet modern feel.

More of a rustic style but overall still very traditional and cozy.  I love all the texture and pops of color in here, as well as the fireplace styling.

A cozy neutral sectional with more traditional coffee table/side tables.  I also like this simple jute rug as an option in here.

Another jute rug and I love the pops of green and blue in here.

Bright neutrals with with lots of texture of pops of gold/green.  I also love how they have place the desk as a sofa table so that you could have a work space in here if needed.

Lots of neutrals with more gray tones and more of a farmhouse feel.  I do like the placement/mix of furniture in here as the bench on the right allows you to still see into the room but also gives you extra seating.

Super cozy with lots of layered artwork, patterns, and colors.

Very clean + classic with plenty of neutrals.  I love the arrangement of furniture in here too.

I love this coffee table/side table/couch combo and all the soft neutrals/browns/blue tones.

Bright and clean neutrals- love this furniture arrangement and how they mixed in the more modern coffee table and those two stools.

I love the mix of rug/pillows/colors in here and all the furniture that they used.

Gorgeous furniture arrangement and color scheme with a bit of navy/grays added.

I definitely think the built-in on the right hand wall is necessary to fill the space and help define it.  Above + below are a few of my favorite built-in ideas:

Some decor picks for the living room- these are just initial ideas/examples and I can certainly continue adding as we narrow down your preferences!  Click on any picture for more pricing/details:

Here's what I'm envisioning for the entryway

1. A center round pedestal-style table to anchor the room (either antique or new).  A nice arrangement on top with a vase/jars, books, etc.

2. A big printed rug centered under the table and coordinating runner for in front of the door if needed.

3. Updated sconces on each side of the door (Is there also a pendant/chandelier hanging in here? I didn't get a good photo of it)

4. Matching benches, stools, or small table/cabinet on each side of the door underneath the window.

5. I would also update the paint with something brighter and more neutral- a white or very pale neutral shade.

6. Style up and add a few accessories to your antique cabinet on the wall in here and maybe a few photos/pictures on the walls throughout.

see inspiration photos below:

Above is what I'm picturing as far as the placement of the round table and arrangement on it.  I love how fresh the bright white paint in here feels too.


Another round table in a soft gray with a printed rug underneath.  I'd love to add some soft blue/green tones like this to the room but keep it overall neutral so it flows easily with the rest of the house.

A gorgeous traditional entry space similar in size to yours.  I love the pops of blue and yellow in here.  It is a bit more formal than what I would typically do but I do love the general placement of the furniture- we can just make it a bit more cozy/lived-in!

Simple + chic entryway with chairs flanking the front door.  You have windows on each side of the door so I would love to find two matching stools/benches or a small table that can fit under those windows and balance out the room.

A little more casual take on the center table set-up- I love this look!

Again, more formal than I would recommend, but I love the pops of blue and yellow and the overall arrrangement.

Another beutiful entryway with center round table and two chairs flanking the front door.

I love this wall/trim color for your space and the pretty blue front door.

I'd love to accent the center table with some pretty antique jars and vases and stacks of books like above.

Another example of the round table styling that I'm envisioning over a pretty colorful rug.

This space is more neutral and rustic but overall I love the look.

Love the overall color scheme in here, the wall color, and all the antique details- it seems like a good mix of casual and traditional.

This epitomizes the overall style I'm envisioning for your space- super comfortable and cozy but elegant enough to fit the large, impressive entryway.

A jute rug like above is another option if you wanted something more neutral/textured for the entryway.

One more example of a jute rug- I love the pops of black in here and the overall simple, clean color scheme.

One final idea that I had would be to hang a curtain rod above each window in the entry (the windows that flank the front door).  I would just do one neutral curtain draped to the side on each like above + below.  This would soften the space and add some interest to the large blank wall.

Just some of my initial furniture/decor picks below (you can click on any for pricing/details).  This is just a jumping off point and we can certainly look for more options once I get your feedback!  Also we can probably find antique furniture to fill some of these needs and maybe save a little money that way too!  I also included a nice round tablecloth option that could go on any table (we could find a super cheap one since it would just be covered up) if you would rather do that. 

Keep in mind that we can also make a cushion for any benches that aren't upholstered.