A few ideas for the backyard area you showed me to make it feel more purposeful and pulled together.  I've listed my notes/ideas beneath each photo:

I love the idea of adding some string lights from the house over a sitting/dining nook in this area.  I also love the overall look/ colorscheme/ decor in the above photo.  I think you have enough space to do a combination of a seating area as well as a dining area for guests.  I really like the layout above with a firepit and chairs around it for the seating area.  It looks like they just used an outdoor rug right on top of grass above to frame out the area.

I love this idea for framing out the area as well using pipe/wood beams to create a base for outdoor curtains and to hang string lights from.  Outdoor curtains are easy and inexpensive to make with canvas dropcloths from the hardware store too.

I also loved this idea for stringing lights just above the dining table with logs + concrete bases.

One example for a sitting area/ dining area combo.  They used a mix of concrete pavers and rock for the base of these two spaces.  I think a lot of the furniture is also built from pallet wood too.  

Super simple little seating area with gravel base and a cute hammock!

Love the look of this dining area with all the lights and lanterns.  Would be super cute to add some shutters like this on the windows like you mentioned and possibly some plants/ greenery up against the house.  

Another example on a smaller scale of a dining area with seating area attached.  I also like the pergola over the space off the house which gives you lots of room to hang string lights , curtains, and/or  a cute faux chandelier over the dining table.  I like the black and white color scheme as well with all the pops of green.

A small fire-pit area with gravel, pavers, string lights,  and a combination of chairs and benches.

A great idea for creating another base for the string lights from the house is a beam mounted inside of a big barrel planter. (see above + below examples)


They also added a hook to these beams so you can add a hanging plant too!

A great idea for creating a seating area to custom-fit your space and use the wall area against the house too.  I love the gravel and paver design for the base too.

Another great idea for outlining the space using large planters with tiki torches inside.

I also love this mini pergola idea which could be extending from the house over a dining table or small seating area.  I like how they added the curtains and string lights too.

I also loved this idea of using an old ladder + string lights over a dining / picnic table for a super cool custom chandelier look.  FYI you can get this style of picnic table at Home Depot in the summers  for around $100 and then can stain/paint it any color you want.  I like that it has built in benches so it ends up being way cheaper than having to purchase a dining table + chairs.  Here it looks like they've put two picnic tables together back to back to create a super long dining area.  


Another gorgeous dining / sitting area combo that feels super cozy and pulled together.  This space has a smooth, poured concrete base.  

Above + below I've linked some DIY dining table ideas that Adam might be interested in trying out if you all decide you would like a larger dining table for this area.  You should be able to click on each photo for more info/ plans.  I love the idea of doing one of these with some metal chairs or long benches on each side.

My husband and I have built a few tables like this with the plumbing fixture legs and reclaimed wood top.  It's super easy and ends up being very sturdy and perfect for outdoor wear and tear.  



1. slipcovers for couches

2. paint/stain coffee table 

3. new side tables for beside couches

4. create focal point with mantle (possibly mount tv above it?)

5. add additional shelving/storage for toys; then restyle bookshelves 

6. update lamps/add a floor lamp possibly

7. rug to center seating area (I believe you already ordered).

see inspiration photos below for more details on each idea!


I love the overall color scheme/style of this space above.  I really like the color/stain on the coffee table and light, neutral couches with printed pillows.  I've linked some similar relaxed fit slipcovers in the next section.  I also love how the bookshelves are styled in here with a mix of items.


One idea I had was to mirror the existing shelf you had on the other side of the doorway to create balance in the room.  I think it may also be helpful to possible add some cabinets/closed storage at the bottom of these for toys, etc.  See a few more examples of this kind of doorway wall bookshelf below:


Another neutral space with pops of color and cozy textures.  I love how simple all the decor is in here but it still feels very pulled together.


I think it is very important to create some kind of focal wall/point in this room to anchor the space and I would love to use your old fireplace mantle for this.  I think we could create a faux fireplace look possibly even mounting your television above the fireplace and even adding additional shiplap/trim like above.  I've listed a few different ideas about where to place this and how to rearrange the space in the next section too.


Another mantle idea with some shelving added and mirrors on each side.

Another simple mantle example without a television above it.


I also like this look with the stacked firewood inside and tile background.


I really like this arrangement with the television, molding, and mantle which would really center your space and make it feel like something that was original to the house.


I think your existing coffee table is a perfect size/style for your current arrangement so I think just refinishing/painting it would work.  I like this style above with the white bottom and wood top.  We can even add some storage baskets on the bottom and a tray on top with a few decorative accessories.  


I like the idea of both lighter colored slipcovers for the sofa or a medium gray/navy tone like above.  I even think  you could mix and match one of each like they did above too.  I like all the simplicity and neutrals in the above space.  I think switching out your existing side table for something a little more modern and smaller would fit the space better and give the room better flow.


A little more modern but I  love the overall feel of this room too and the pops of greenery.


I also love the colors/painting style of this coffee table if you wanted to incorporate a little more color into your space.

Some slipcover options- most have multiple colors to choose from.  I will have to double check some measurements but I believe most of these would work for your couches (there are smaller options available too for chairs/loveseats).  I like that they are a more relaxed fit which will be more forgiving and give us more of that cozy, farmhouse feel.

I may have to play with the arrangement a little in person because it's always hard for me to tell what will fit where without seeing it actually placed and being able to tweak it.  Here is my initial thought for a new arrangement with the fireplace mantle.  Of course any elements from each of these can be mixed and matched with each other.


OPTION 1: mantle centered between windows; larger couch centered on back wall; leaves center of room and sight lines/ walkways throughout space wide open

OPTION 2: same as above but float loveseat directly across from couch so that each couch is flanking the fireplace on each side.  Move chair to opposite wall to create a little reading nook by bookshelf.  This also leaves open the option to add a small/skinny table behind love seat or one or two more side tables on each side of loveseat.

OPTION 3:  move mantle to largest open back wall and center it.  Float couch across from mantle and keep loveseat as-is in between the windows.  This also leaves the option for a long/skinny sofa or console table behind the couch and/or lots of room for additional built-ins/bookshelves/storage on each side of the mantle on that big wall.


1. add a bench to back side of dining table

2. possibly paint/recover chairs

3. update light fixture to something more simple

4. add some open shelving/focal pieces on back wall

This is a small space dining room but I love how finished it feels with the custom bench/built-ins and large clock as a focal piece on the wall (maybe we could switch your clock with the chalkboard on those dining room walls).  I think we could definitely pull your space together with something similar to this, whether it's custom-built like this or pieced together with existing furniture (see more ideas below).  I also like the idea of a wood table with the white painted chairs/neutral seat fabric like above, if you are open to painting your chairs.

One more example of a bench with shelving on each side.  I love this mirror in the center to really open up the space too.  I also love the overall colorscheme in here and the wood table is very similar to the finish you have on your table.


More of a farmhouse look with a larger bench on one side and a group of accessories to create a focal point on the wall.  We can also create a simple centerpiece on your table too with a few accessories.

I also love this idea of some open shelving to complete the space.  This is something you could probably do on your own with metal brackets and stained/painted wood pieces from Lowe's or Home Depot.  


Another bench on the wall with open shelving above made from plumbing brackets and reclaimed wood.  I love the neutral color scheme with cream/white/wood mixed together and the simple light fixture.  

One more example of a small bench with open shelving above, painted white.  


A little more modern take using metal shelves from IKEA for open shelving.  I also love this light fixture in here and the printed rug.