1. artwork- I also love the artwork from the first inspiration photo.  I think it would be best to look for a one-of-a-kind vintage piece for above the couch that is similar to that.  I've also listed some other wall decor options below though.  

2.  I like the shelves beside the fireplace wooden, but maybe spray paint the brackets gold?

3.  Definitely yes to the IKEA chairs for in front of the window

4.  Do you want to keep a fan in here- or would you be open to another light fixture instead (pendant/flush mount?)

5.  fireplace ideas/painting inspo below:

6.  Will wait to add curtain options until I see what rug you prefer, but I did list some curtain rod options below.


1. rug (maybe a cowhide or fun/colorful printed rug

2.  unique artwork / wall decor for above the couch and to fill in other walls

3. coffee table or ottoman

4. mantle decor + styling of shelves beside mantle

5. chairs for window wall area

6. paint/refinish Hoosier cabinet for bar cabinet on entry wall- I would do a gray or deep jeweltone color to pop against the navy.

7. I didn't get a good photo of the light fixture in here- is it new or does it need updating?

8. curtain rod (didn't get a good photo of the curtains- are those new?)

9. possibly painting brick on fireplace

10. lamps or floorlamps

11. add some plants- maybe a big houseplant over by the window?

I really love the artwork in this inspiration photo- would love to find something vintage for over the couch with bright colors and a gold frame like this!  I also love the modern coffee table and cowhide rug.


Another great artwork and modern coffee table.  I also love the understated printed rug and the accessories!


Love this style of chair and the overall mixing and matching of rustic/vintage items with more modern pieces.


I'd love to incorporate a few plants into the space and I also love this eclectic collection of wall art and the shaggy moroccan rug.

Lots of textures and layers with picture ledges and stacked photos above the couch


Love the jeweltones and this collection of artwork

One example of a hoosier cabinet as a bar!  We could also change some of the hardware to update it and add a lamp on top for some extra light in that area.  I think I would lean toward a light/medium gray paint on the cabinet or something really bold like a dark jeweltone to really pop against the navy walls (maybe pick up a color that's in the artwork we find for above the couch?).


One more picture ledge example for above the couch and lots of layered smoky blue tones and pastels.

I really love these layered rugs, and this style of coffee table!  I also love the pops of brass/gold against the navy!

I really love this Hoosier cabinet inspo and would love if we could sand the cabinet down to the original wood and then stain it like this.  That might not be possibly but I think it looks amazing against the navy!

Love these bright printed colors and beautiful printed rug!


1. Yes to using the propeller- maybe as wall art in here?

2. picks for lighting, decor, etc. listed below!


1. piece of furniture or built-in with storage for television

2. curtains and curtain rod (do one long curtain rod across all 3 back windows and flank the two outer windows with one panel on each end).

3. new smaller side tables (or maybe do just one side table and a floor lamp on the other side?)

4. ottoman or coffee table (maybe use trunk in here if not in front living room? I think the more rustic look fits better in here though!)

5. update ceiling fan or change to a cool light fixture

6. new lamps + wall decor

7. flooring? add large rug on top of carpet, replace rug with laminate/hardwood, or update carpet?

8. update pillows, accessories, add cozy elements like blankets, etc. May have room for a blanket ladder on right hand wall in front of chair?



1. some cabinet paint color options listed below

2. Also some decor items listed below but if you would like help styling certain areas that's easiest for me to do in person- I could A. do a styling just using your existing decor and reworking what you have. B. You give me a budget and I do a styling with your exisiting decor AND added a few pieces that I purchase too

3.  If you would like me to get a quote on reworking the island top- just let me know!

4.  I think it would definitely be great to open up some upper cabinets and if you have fiestaware that would be perfect!


1. paint cabinets?  I think we can work with your gray countertops- maybe a lighter gray, navy, or earthtone to play off your mushroom collection?  I've listed a lot of options below

2.  taller centerpiece for island and general styling of countertops

3.  long runner rug for sink side of the island

4. update/modernize cabinet hardware/pulls

5. I would consider closing in that window opening into the office so it is just a solid wall- then you could add open shelving above that little bar area.

6. add light fixture over the island?

7. add tile backsplash, beadboard, or something contrasting below cabinets/above countertop.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey

Behr Silver Drop

Behr Silver Drop

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

Smoke Embers Bejmain Moore

Smoke Embers Bejmain Moore


I love this light grey cabinet color and the dark hardware with bright white walls- would really lighten up your entire kitchen!


I also love the idea of doing a contrasting cabinet color- whether it be between the cabinets and the island or the upper and lower cabinets.  I love this color combo, overall accessorizing, and these barstools.  If you are interested, we could probably pretty easily remove your island countertop and replace it with a contrasting wood countertop like above with a little hang over room for barstools.


Another example of gray countertops with dark cabinet hardware- love the countertop styling as well.


I really love this color and think it would be so fun and perfect with your artwork and mushroom collection.  I also like the backsplash and cabinet hardware.

Another idea to update the kitchen would be to remove some of the cabinet doors and paint the inside a contrasting color for more of an open shelving look.


Another great grey cabinet color with nickel hardware and long rug in front of the sink.


Another example of painted open cabinets where the added beadboard trim to the back and then painted.

 A larger section of open cabinets on the top half.


Love the accessories/styling in here, cabinet color, and hardware.


One more unique cabinet color to consider


Love this mushroom olive green cabinet color too, the rug, lighting, and accessorizing in this kitchen.


1. added some chair options below- was wondering if your husband definitely wants a rolling chair or if he's be open to just an upholstered desk chair?  If so, that would give us a lot more options.

2. Also added some shelving options but we could deifnitely also do hanging wall shelves or something more custom to fit the space too.

3. want me to pull rug/light fixture/curtain options for in here? or no?


1. Add shelving on one wall for extra storage.

2. Maybe float desk in center of the room? Play with the layout furniture.

3. light fixture in here? (I didn't get a good photo)

4.  Add rug under desk

5.  Perhaps add one or two chairs if there's room- possibly recover your old chair for in here.

6. Curtains/ curtain rod for window.

7. Do you want to keep desk /desk chair in here or update it?