-wall mounted mirror above vanity

-floor lamp beside vanity

-choose either chair or footstool for vanity seating

-organizers in drawers and on top of vanity to keep makeup contained (can also add some wall shelves nearby if needed)


- update some of bedding (new bedskirt; new pillows)

- taller/larger bookcase for more storage on right side wall (where low white bookcase is now)

-update jewelry storage- maybe add something like this since she has plenty of space for more furniture 

-full length leaning large mirror against one of the walls (example here)

-new bedside table lamp?

-could also add a fun rug under foot of bed to tie everything together

-update polka dot beanbag chair with something a little bigger- (like this)


2 rugs (one for nook and one for seating area in front of tv).  I really like the first colorful one for the sitting area and then would choose one of the other three to coordinate for the nook.  We can also do one for under the dining table outside, but I have found that they don't hold up as well in uncovered areas so I think it will be fine without.

about 8 pillows for both seating areas- assorted colors + patterns to coordinate with the rugs.

One additional coffee table or ottoman to use in the nook area and a few extra side tables and/or poufs.

Umbrella for over the dining table if you choose ( I really love the one with the tassel trim!)

3-4 lanterns to mount on hooks on the wall in the nook area, and a few more lanterns for table decor/accessorizing.  1-2 lamps for nook area (I think regular lamps will be ok here since it's completely covered).  I have also listed some options for light kits to add to the ceiling fan if you would like to do that as well.  Bulb string lights for above the dining table out in the uncovered area and maybe a few strands in the nook if extra light is needed.  Some plants/trays for accessorizing as well and filling any blank spaces (maybe a few hanging plants too).  We can also still add an antique/reclaimed mantle below the television even without the fireplace there just to anchor the space and add some character (see photo below).


Create a cozy firepit area out in the yard- let me know which style you like best.  We can use your existing firepit or create something more permanent made of stone.  We can use any combination of adirondack chairs/benches and fill the space with pavers, gravel, or stone.  We can also add some string lights above if you want.

ACCESSORIES: add a few trays/baskets/plants to little planting table and maybe a few lanterns.  Also add plants/lanterns to side tables near seating areas

Pillows- 1 or 2 for each chair; 3-4 for porch swing- mix and match patterns

Rugs- one 5 x 7 rug on each side to anchor the separate sitting area; slightly different patterns but same color scheme; coordinating doormat

Chairs: We can use the chairs you have or I also like the idea of doing a wicker chair too- some options below:

Side tables- I can't remember if you had any to use already; but I would do 1-2 depending on space we have once we get everything placed:

Planters: We can use the ones you have already for beside the door, or here are a few other options. Top two rows are large planters for beside the door; bottom rows are just for accent on tables etc.

I think any of these options would work well for the guest bathroom and/or girl's bathrooms.  We could do the same in all of them or a different one in each, I'd stick with the nickel finish to match the rest of the hardware in the bathrooms.  I also added a few flushmount options to replace the other lights outside the bathroom/hall area.

We can also frame out the builder-grade mirrors in all the bathrooms with trim- we can do a painted trim or stained wood- a few examples below.

Below are just a few ideas for light fixtures for the girl's rooms.  I know you mentioned redecorating these spaces some in here, and I might be able to narrow it down a bit more after seeing the plans for that.  If you want any help with that decor too I'd be happy to help! 

Below are some low-profile fan + lighting options for this room- all are pretty classic styles that could go with any decor.

Below are a few inspiration photos for the back patio and I've listed my ideas below each one:

I love the mix of patterns and textures in this space.  I would love to do a printed black and white outdoor curtain for your curtain rods kind of like this- I don't think you would need a lot of curtains just a few to drape to the side for a pop of pattern.  As far as the cushions/rug- I'd love to do mostly soft neutrals there like they've done above if we go with a printed curtain.  I also think your space could handle a larger center coffee table- maybe something with character like an old chest or repurposed piece of furniture.

Another neutral space that's super light and bright- I also like this color combo with a little navy and neturals.  We could incorporate a lot of white vases and planters to brighten it up too!

I also love this neutral space and we could easily do this with all your existing furniture and cushions by just switching out some of the pillows and the rug.  I also love the idea of this simple, neutral look with some drop cloth curtains (see below)- keeping everything super minimal and clean.  We can use your large planters to flank the furniture with some greenery and lots of lanterns to accessorize.

Another neutral space with some rich brown patterned pillows.  I love all the texture and baskets they used- we could easily incorporate lots of baskets and wicker planters around.  I also like the metal shelf and think this could be a great option for breaking up the furniture and adding some height against one of your walls.  We could fill it with plants and baskets for storage- Ikea has a lot of inexpensive metal shelf options that are perfect for outside.  

Above and below are my ideas for brightening up the dining space out here.  I strung these cafe style lights below our deck and they provide SO much light and I love the way they look too.  They sell them on Amazon here and a few strands go a long way, we could string them all over the porch ceiling in both areas if you like, they provide great ambiance. 

Another example of neutrals mixed with a pop of black and white pattern (I'm in love with these gingham curtains).  I also love all the clustered galvanized planters they used.

I love these pale blues and grays paired with all the neutral cushions and furniture.  I would also love to do a statement wall on one of your walls with a row of hanging lanterns like this (see below too)!

Some tall plants in planters (like this corner tree) would add some height and color to break up your space and make it feel complete.


Another idea I had to make this space feel more cozy would be to get an old mantle or architectural piece to place on the wall below your mounted television.  This wouldn't be a functional fireplace but we could place candles inside and style it up real cute, and I think that it would make the sitting area feel super homey.


I really love this color combo of all black, white, and neutrals with pops of greenery and tons of plants!  I know I'm giving you a lot of color combo options but hopefully one stands out to you.  I'd also like to do lots of hanging planters like above and I love the simple white candles with glass lanterns.

One last inspiration space again with lots of pale blues, grays, and neutrals.  I like all the distressed wood accents and accessories and basket planters.  Below I've listed some rug options for the various color schemes I mentioned- both neutral rugs and black and white.  I also listed some other accessories that I found, but once you let me know which color scheme/ideas you like best, I can narrow it down to more specific options:

I think we can make a huge impact in here by just changing out a few accessories to update the style and make it feel a little more cozy and eclectic.  Below I have found a few inspiration photos that stood out to me and I'll list some of my ideas below each photo:


One option for replacing some of the artwork on the walls.  I like the simplicity of this botanical gallery wall and think some pops of green and white would really brighten up the space and make it feel fresh.   I think setting the table with some fun layered dishes like these would make the room feel complete too.

I also love the pops of green and texture in this space and would love to bring in some accessories like these: bright white, wood, + greenery/plants.  I think possibly adding a patterned rug under the table would warm up the room too and add a little texture and pattern.

I know you didn't mention changing the light fixture over the table, but I think that it could make a huge impact on the room.  I love this style of chandelier or one with some wood elements, still modern but just slightly more rustic (I listed some chandelier options at the end of this page for you to check out).  I also love all the pops of white for accessories and the jars- maybe something like this to accessorize your buffet/sideboard?

Another great gallery wall with a mixture of different frames and photos- we could do this with family photos/prints/photos you have collected over the years, as well as adding some new pictures that fit in with the look of the collection.  

Another idea for filling the walls, a collection of antique plates- we could do mostly all white for a fresh, bright look.  I also love the look of this chandelier over the table.

I love the texture and height of this mirror and think that something similar would be perfect for over your sideboard and add a little contrast.  Right now the mirror you have is a very similar color/finish to the rest of the furniture, so having something a little different will really stand out and make a huge impact (we could even style some photos/frames on each side like they have done here.)  

Another great chandelier with some wood elements.  I love the giant clock as an option for the wall and I also like how they layered the burlap runner on the table for some texture.  


One more example of a wood chandelier and table runner.  I also like how they mixed and matched their chairs and the round mirror and styling of the buffet. We might be able to switch out your two end chairs for something wood/slightly different to achieve this look.


One more great chandelier and some more mismatched chairs.  I also really like how they styled the buffet and layered lots of accessories in front of the mirror/wall art.  I think adding some similar things like this will make the room feel complete.

Above are some lamp/lampshade options for the sideboard.  I think that we could also make the lamps you have work but just switch out the lampshades for something with more texture or pattern to warm up the space.  

Above are some mirror options for over the sideboard.  I personally love the arched styles and think that they would add so much character to the room, especially with some accessories layered in front.  

Above are just some ideas to replace your existing art on the open wall based on some of the options I discussed from the inspiration photos.  I also like the idea of a gallery wall or collection of antique/collected plates for this space too.  Below are a few rugs that I thought would work well under the dining table, if you were interested in trying that.

I can't wait to hear your feedback and hope that you like some of these ideas!  Once I hear what you favorites are, I can start looking for more specific items and shopping for accessories.  I do get a trade discount at Wayfair and a few of these stores, and for any of the items (especially the accessories/mirrors/lamps), I can shop around and find less expensive options if needed!  

For the front porch I'm envisioning a very classic and neutral style that we can easily mix in different seasonal/holiday decor and colors throughout the year.  Below I've gathered some inspiration photos and made my notes beneath each one:

I love the idea of a porch swing and I have a few woodworkers in mind that would be able to make a custom one if you would like!  I listed on at the end of this post from Wayfair just as an example, but I think we could get one made for half that price!  I'd love to place the swing at one end of the porch and make it super cozy like above with some side tables, baskets, plants, and a neutral rug

I love these clustered plants and think we could really make use of your beautiful steps and giant front porch for lots of plants and lanterns.

This classic neutral style is exactly what I'm picturing for you porch- love the addition of some wicker chairs for some texture (I've linked some wicker sets below, I don't think you need a full set, maybe just some chairs, but these were just some styles that I liked).

I really like this daybed style of porch swing (see next few photos for more examples)!  This is what I was envisioning having made for one end of the porch.

I love how they placed a coffee table in front of this one.

Love all the neutrals and classic style of this entire porch!

I really love these giant overstuffed planters and would love to do something like this with a pop of color on each side of the door!  I also couldn't remember if your door was wood or if you might be interested in painting it a different color for some contrast?

More beautiful planters and I love the doormat too.

Love the ferns and little seating area with the rocking chairs.  I would love to make a little seating area like this on the opposite side of the porch swing with either the chairs you have now or some wicker chairs, rug, and side tables.

These might be my favorite planters- simple and classic!

I love this grayish tone for the door and also really like how they layered two sets of planters- love this combination of plants!

Love this wicker, the colors, and the distressed wood furniture!

This little table on the porch reminding me of yours and I would love to fill it and style it with some baskets, plants, etc. like this one.

I love the basket planter and the lanterns on the steps.

More wicker furniture, neutral cushions, and lots of pretty greenery.

Another great set of planters and I love this soft grayish-green door color too!  I've listed lots of similar planters below but we probably could also get one of my woodworkers to make some planters like this for much cheaper.

I love the tone of this door and the simple boxwoods!

This layout is siilar to what I'm envisioning- settee/swing at one end and then a two chair sitting area at the other end.

One more pretty daybed swing with lots of white and neutrals.