Above and below are just a few ideas of the style I'm picturing for the gallery wall above the couch (probably with a few less items though so it's a little more clean looking).  I like the mixing and matching of different objects, photos, and pictures.  I'd love to incorporate your old window as the centerpiece and that quote canvas you had.  Then I think we can add some framed family photos and maybe a few other accessories.  For the family photos we can either do all the same size and style frame or mix and match some different styles and sizes.  Take a look at the photos and see what you like best!

Above is a good example of mixing and matching different sizes of frames but all the same general color and style so it flows well together.  

Above they used printed photo canvases instead of frames which is another option for the family photos.  These usually run around $50-75 depending on the size, so they can sometimes be a little more pricey than getting just regular frames.  I like the simple arrangement above and the addition of the cute hanging accessories too.

Another example with a window centerpiece and I also noticed that they mounted a few tobacco sticks at the side just as an architectural element.  That is just one option for incorporating the tobacco sticks and we could do that in a couple of different places too.

A more architectural collection with old frames and windows for a simple look.

A mixture of different sized frames in two different colors for some contrast.  I like this look but would also like to mix in some other pieces/objects to break up all the frames.

Another cute assortment with a good variety of pieces.

One idea for using the tobacco sticks would be creating little frames from them like this.  I could cut them and then attach them to the top and bottom of a photo and use some kind of twine/ribbon to hang them on the wall.  We could also make those in a variety of different sizes too.

Another option would be to mount a few tobacco sticks to the wall and hang some frames from them horizontally.  Above is an example with some larger frames and below is an example with some smaller frames and ribbon.  Keep in mind, it's also possible that we could do this kind of arrangement on the left side wall and then a gallery wall like the first photos I listed on the center wall above the couch; or any combination of the two that you like.

Another idea for the tobacco sticks: mount one stick vertically on each side and string twine in between and then hang photos from clips or clothespins in between.  This is a good option because it's so easy to switch out photos or add other things like travel pieces/postcards/etc.  You could also add christmas cards/seasonal decor throughout the year too.

Another example of what we could do with a few tobacco sticks mounted high and then dropping some frames from them with wire or twine.

One more example- we could also attach some wire/clothespins across the front of a few tobacco sticks and then mount them directly to the wall.  


One more idea that I had was to incorporate the tobacco farm was to use a tobacco basket on the wall.  I have one of these mounted on the wall of my porch and I love it- they look so cute with wreaths on the front too.  Just one more option for filling the wall on either side of the room (see above and below for examples). 

All of these are from Hobby Lobby which means they get marked down half off every other week.  I believe they are full price this week so take 50% off when looking at the price because I will arrange to buy them when they are on sale.  All of these come in a variety of different sizes and like I said, we can mix and match styles or do all one kind (Click on any photo to see pricing/details).

A few other accessory examples to work in, these are just some ideas as I also can hunt for some vintage/antique pieces too!  I'd love to add a few little mounted bottles/planters (like below on the right) with a greenery stem or too for a pop of color!