My first idea is to utilize the area where the sliding door to the deck is now to make up for cabinet/counter space we lose by taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.   There are several different ways this could be laid out overall,but this is one option.  This option includes a range with oven/stove top and hood over on the right side (where the sliding door was) surrounded by cabinets which extend to the sink area as well (which stays in the same place).  The office space/workcenter is converted into floor to ceiling cabinets for extra storage.  This same wall contains another set of floor to ceiling cabinets and one side contains the fridge.  

The above layout is almost identical but the fridge moves to the right side.  Microwave could also be housed inside either set of the back wall cabinets or be contained inside the island as well.   This layout just has a large rectangular island in the center of the kitchen, but I've listed some variations for the island below as well.

The layout above includes an option for a double island, because you have the space for it.  One island could be more designated toward seating while the other could be more for prep.  Both would have plenty of storage underneath too.  A walkway between them would allow for easy flow throughout the kitchen and I've also moved the fridge down to the center area so that it's easy to access as well.  See some examples/inspirations for double islands below:


The above option includes a similar overall layout but with a long island with a seating extension off the right side. This would be excellent for entertaining and overflow seating and prevent one area of the kitchen or dining room from being overcrowded.  There are several options for this style of island including an attached booth/bench look, peninsula or t-shaped island, or mixing and matching a more rustic/antique style table with a more modern style island (see photo below as example)- see some additional ideas below:


This final option includes a range inside the island which allows the fridge to move over to the same side, so the sink, fridge, and range are all on the same side and easy to access and flow from one to the other.  The opposite side of the kitchen still contains the two sections of floor to ceiling cabinets for extra storage.  Keep in mind, any of the floor plan options can be mixed or match to accomadate all the elements you like from each one!

As far as style, below I've gathered some inspiration photos of kitchens that I love.  Let me know if any elements or designs in particular stand out to you.  Like mentioned above, we can definitely mix and match elements from each to create a unique design.  Once I hear your feedback we can start narrowing down options and choosing the specifics.


I really like the mix of the clean white cabinets with the more rustic island in this kitchen and the stain used on the floors.

I love the wood and stone accents in here that make it feel super cozy with so much character.  The more modern island and light fixtures perfectly round out the space.

I love the look of this island with the benches and the overall rustic/modern mix in this kitchen.

This kitchen has so much character and great added architectural elements- I love all the reclaimed wood with the white cabinets too.


I love these light fixtures and how bright and open this kitchen feels.  I also love how much seating they were able to utilize around this large island.

I love the mix of countertops, cabinets, floors, and finishes in this kitchen.  Very timeless and classic.


The addition of the wood beams and rustic wood island really makes this space stand out.  I really like non-matching island/cabinet combinations.  I also really love the darker floor color in here too.

Very bright, clean, and modern with just a touch of the rustic/farmhouse look.

Love these floors and the openness of the spaces.  The beams and exposed brick add so much character as well.

I love the size of this island, the wood beams, and the simple glass light fixtures in here.


Another large island with a super open layout.  I like the little dining/bench nook in the corner as well.

Another example of mix and match island/cabinet colors/styles.  Having some open shelving to sub out for upper cabinets really makes a kitchen feel more open as well, as long as you have enough closed storage to accomodate it.  

Super simple but very elegant farmhouse look.