1. Possibly switching out dining table for a round table/ maybe chairs too

2. Rug for under dining table

3.  Fill the room a little more: add wall decor/ maybe a houseplant or two in the corners

4. Could add curtains on outside of curved window if you wanted to.


Love the overall color scheme in here- so chic and timeless.  I really like the printed rug and neutral curtain combo, as well as the very modern chairs and clean and simple round table.

Simple oval dining table with mid-century style chairs with neutral fabric.  I love the wall art  and printed rug as well!

I love this style of round table and chairs and the pops of blue in here.   A tall tree or houseplant in the corner would help bring in some color and fill in the space.  I also like how they framed the big window with the curtains.

Simple round tulip style table with mismatched chairs and a bench on one side- more of a casual set up.  I love the artwork and tree as well.

Another round pedestal table with wood mid-century chairs.  I love the textured rug and artwork as well as the simple accessories.  I would love if we could add another piece of furniture like a bar cart, console table, or buffet of some sort to the wall if the round table allows us more space.

More traditional table like you have already but mixed up with some funkier chairs!  I also love the bright printed rug and tree in the corner. 

Fun light fixture, big artwork, and all white round table + upholstered chairs.

Another tulip table but oval in shape so it has a bit more room, paired with leather modern chairs and a printed rug.  I love the simple accessories on the table too.

Long wood table with more modern, simple chairs and a printed rug.  I also love the midcentury sideboard with stacked artwork on top.

This table reminded me of yours and I like how the printed rug modernizes it!  I also love the simple white/neutral curtains and hanging plant in the corner.

Super simple and chic with a wood table, caned chairs, and more modern light fixture like you have.  Overall very minimal styling/decor.

I love this fun table and chair combo and the idea of adding a leaning mirror possibly on one wall to help open up the space.

Another more minimal space but I love the simplicity and bright feeling.  Love the classic table and more unique chair combination, as well as that navy buffet with vintage glass jars stacked on top!

Another super simple + minimal space that feels super light and bright.  I love this oval table and think something similar would really brighten your space.

A bit more feminine space- with printed wallpaper, a light wood table and french country style chairs.

Very light, bright, and classic space with a few modern touches.  I love the combo of the traditional wood round pedestal table with the more modern ghost chairs.  I also like the small bar tray table and the corner tree.  The jute rug works since everything is so simple in here.

Above + below I've listed some options for adding a bench (possibly in the curved window area) on one side of the table  and scooting the table over to the window side of the room- which would open up the center /walkway of the room significantly.  Only downside is it would probably require relocating the chandelier slightly, and since you just had that hung, that may be a deal breaker.  Still wanted to share the idea just in case!  I really love the light, simple color scheme in the space above and how they made it feel so cozy and welcoming with details like the pillows and lamp.  Even if you decide to keep the table/chairs at the center of the room I think adding a small upholstered bench (doesn't have to be built in- can be free standing) in the window nook would help fill the space a built.

Another example with a built in bench inside a window.


One more example with a backless bench that doesn't block very much of the window at all.

Above + below- 2 more examples with a built-in bench look in front of the window.  Love both of these color schemes, especially the blues and whites.



1. Choose fabrics and reupholster two chairs (I'm leaning towards a velvet or tweed fabric).

2. New rug

3. Styling of mantle- larger statement mirror/artwork for center of mantle possibly.  A large mirror would definitely open up the room and reflect more light.

4.  Add some recessed lighting or maybe 1-2 additional lamps- maybe a chandelier/flush mount in the center of the room.

5. Curtains for windows (but hang high + wide above windows so they don't block any light!)

6. Fill in walls a bit with artwork/hanging items.

7.  New pillows too coordinate with new rug/fabric for chairs.


I love the idea of a solid velvet fabric for your chairs and I think that would be something you could work with for years to come.  I'd love to add some color with the rug  as well like above.  I like the more neutral, woven looking curtains on the windows with the modern curtain rods.

Another example of brass + velvet chairs and I like the way they arranged these by the fireplace.  This is with a more neutral printed rug which I also like because it makes the space feel lighter.

I also love the idea of this chunky, neutral tweed fabric for the chairs too

A little more feminine but I love the overall colorscheme and furniture arrangement, doesn't feel cluttered but still feels complete.  I'd love to possibly add a fun light fixture to the center of the room or some recessed lighting for extra light in here.

I also love the idea of possibly adding some sconces on the wall on each side of the fireplace.  I love how they layered the artwork on top of the fireplace and kept everything super neutral aside from the bright, printed rug!

I love the overall accessorizing and styling of this space.

I like the color combo of blush/gold with the bold black and white elements.  A textured rug like this would add a cozy feel to the space.

Love the simple light curtains and overall light + bright color scheme with pops of bold color in the rugs and pillows.  

Super minimal + chic- overall white + neutral colorscheme, simple rug, and pop of velvet color in the chairs.d

More sconces near the fireplace with simple decor, center statement light fixture, and rich color velvet couches.  


I love the layered rugs and rich colors in this space- feels traditional and cozy with a modern twist.

Simple white walls with a bright printed rug, solid furniture, and pops of color in the accessories.  Love the combination of pinks, blues, and rich browns.

I love this color combo of light + neutral with pops of blue in the chairs and hints of gold/brass.  I also love the curtains/rod, corner plant, and overall simple styling.

Blush + neutral tones with lots of textures and layers.  I love the matching artwork, sconces, roman shades, and velvet chairs.

More moody and neutral with simple, chic styling and classic pieces like the chandelier and jute rug.

Bright + colorful with lots of pops of color and pattern!  


1. resurface/drywall ceiling so that it is smooth

2. Add recessed lighting in ceiling if possible.

3. 2 new chairs?

4. Possibly layer second rug on top of jute rug (see photos below)- maybe use the cowhide rug from front living room for this?

5. roman shade/ bamboo shade on window

6. new coffee table/ottoman for center of room

7. resurface/paint stone fireplace?  I lean towards everything behind white to make the room feel brighter.

8.  mount television above fireplace/ hide cords

9. new/ more modern fireplace screen/cover

10. side tables for beside couch

11. create gallery wall and/or add console table or bookcase on far back wall.

12.  I think we can work with the cork floor and I see it coordinating with many of the styles I've shared below.

I love the color scheme and character of this space- they mixed lots of modern and traditional pieces which gives it a super cozy and lived-in feel.  I also like these style of chairs.


Bright + neutral with midcentury elements, layered rugs, and lots of texture.  Love the big floorlamp beside the couch.

Another light + neutral space with clean lines- I love the wicker chandelier, coffee table, and leather sling chairs.

Love the coffee table, layered rugs, set of chairs, and pops of pattern in this room.  

I really love the addition of the set of poufs behind the coffee table, the neutral, textured rug, simple window shades, and pops of color and texture throughout this space.

More layered rugs and rich neutrals with pops of blue and brass- love all the texture in this space.

Love the bamboo shades on the windows, upholstered ottoman/coffee table and layers of printed pillows on the couches.

I like the scattered poufs, patterned pillows and layered rug, and simple accessorizing.

I like the idea of an old trunk for a coffee table, the little side table beside the couch, and the pops of blue in this space.


I really like this coffee table and how light + bright this space feels. They made it feel super chic but cozy and comfortable at the same time.

Super cozy and bright with tons of layers and textures- love the fun printed chairs, shaggy rug, and overall accessorizing.

More simple and minimal space with a live edge wood coffee table, chic accessories, and colorful pillows.

Fun printed chairs and midcentury coffee table with everything else bright and neutral.

Love the addition of the more colorful rug, pops of blue, simple artwork/shelf decor.

A fun coffee table with mix of pale pastels and neutrals- fits the retro vibe of your house  and reminded me of the sunken living room like yours.

A more natural stone fireplace (kind of like yours) that works with everything else being so light + bright.  Love the midcentury furniture and blue and neutrals throughout this room.

More simple and minimal- lots of light colors and pale blues

Fun , midcentury feel with pops of bright colors and neutral backdrop.


Love the textured rug, mismatched chairs, and round coffee table.  I also like the white painted fireplace with the wood mantle and television mounted above.


I really love this overall color scheme withe the neutral couch, layered rugs, and pouf.


Bamboo shades, simple midcentury coffee table, and lots of texture pillows.  I like how they layered the pouf slightly under the coffee table as well.

Super neutral with pops of fun pattern and texture- love the coffee table, addition of leather pieces, and pair of poufs by the fireplace.

Another bright + fun space with more of a eclectic midcentury feel.  This has a similar stone fireplace to yours but the bright white makes the space feel lighter and more modern (I also like the brass fireplace cover they used!  A light rug and white coffee table also adds to the light and bright feel of the room.