As far as the master bedroom, I think you have all the furniture placed perfectly now.  The room is so big that you actually have room for a few more pieces if you wanted to add (maybe that chest that you sent me pictures of?)  Below are some of my favorite ideas + inspirations for this room:

I love everything about this bedroom + the classic farmhouse feel.  I'd love to incorporate some farm art like these cow prints into the room.  I also think that some slightly larger lamps with a little color like these might be better on your bedside tables and we could then use the bedside lamps you have now on each side of your dresser.  I can't remember if you had a rug in here but I like the idea of the neutral rug they have here under the bed (I've linked a super cheap similar option at the end of this section!).

I also love the simplicity of this room- love the jute rug, neutral bedding and antique furniture.  

I'd love to use your tobacco basket for wall art above the bed like this- I'd put a wreath on top for some extra color, maybe a magnolia wreath or cotton wreath for that simple farmhouse look.  

Another tobacco basket above the bed- love the simplicity and casual feel of this bedroom too.

If you wanted to lighten up the bedroom furniture a bit (I would leave the bed as-is though).  I think the bedside tables would look cute painted like this and leave the wood top and maybe stain/distress it.  I think more of a mismatched furniture look gives a bedroom that farmhouse feel.

Another idea for above the bed- window with a wreath.  I also love the idea of a big wicker chest for extra linen/pillow storage maybe at the end of the bed.

Example of a tobacco basket with a cotton wreath on top!

Absolutely love this collection of wall art and the pretty grey and white bedding!  We could definitely DIY some wood pieces like they have above the bed and do some vintage/antique mirrors too!  I also like the curtains they used in here and think that adding some nice panels would make the room feel finished.  Sometimes to save a little money I just do one panel on each window and drape it to the side.

I loved this wall art collection idea for maybe above your dresser.

Love these simple linen shades too for the windows and the pop of blue in the bedding!  I also love how they painted/distressed those bedside tables with a little hint of blue too!

Another idea for decorating the area above your dresser- we could just lean a collection of your old windows there.  I really love all the items they used here to decorate the dresser- old books, lanterns, baskets, etc. 

I noticed you already had a cute rug, chairs, and curtains in this space so we really just need to focus on wall decor and accessories to pull everything together.  See some of my ideas + inspirations below:

I love this simple, farmhouse style office space- love the idea of the door for some interest and the tall bookcase in the corner.  I also like the arrangement of the desk floating in the center.  I think you definitely have room for a slightly larger desk and a more distressed/lighter tone might fit better with everything else in the room.  We could even use a thrift store table or paint an older piece of furniture like they did above (I believe that's just a dining table that they used as a desk).

Love the idea of a big chalkboard for this space and Hobby Lobby has lots of options (and they even go 50% off every other week).  We could also make our own with a big old frame and some chalkboard paint too.  I also like the idea of the bright, old books for accessorizing- I can usually find these for a dollar or less most places.

I really like this room arrangement too and the gray/white paint color on the walls- it reminded me of your room with the molding halfway up the wall.  I love the turquoise painted antique desk, desk chair, and especially the bookshelf that they organized with lots of baskets, crates, etc.  I'd love to do some shelving like this in your space either with some floating open shelving or a bookcase like this (we could even paint/distress something old).

One idea for some floating shelving above the desk- I also love the desk lamp + desk chair too!

One more floating shelf idea for above a workspace/desk-  I linked some similar metal brackets that have distressed wood shelves that coordinate with them at the end of this section.

Another option for a desk chair would be to just use any old chair and get a farmhouse style slipcover for it like they did above.  I really love how they decorated around the desk with a variety of organizers, architectural pieces, frames, and bulletin boards.  I think this would be perfect for the big open wall in your room and perhaps we could move the desk to that wall too?

I love the idea of using crates like this for extra storage or stacking them for easy shelving.  An old map might be another good idea to fill the wall space in here too.

I thought this DIY office memo board with chicken wire fit in with the farmhouse feel of the house too.

Another old door, slipcovered chairs, and desk positioned in front of a window which I like too.  We can definitely be on the lookout for cute desk organizers like they have or filing cabinets or anything you might need to organize- they have had lots of these types of things at Homegoods lately.

I also like this desk arrangement in front of the window but turned facing the entrance of the room.  I really like the hanging metal baskets on the wall too- cute storage!

Cute idea for a little memo board gallery wall area- all these items are from Hobby Lobby.

Love that old filing cabinet and all the large wall decor items they used in here like the big clock and giant letter.

In the living room, I would keep the same basic floor plan but just space things a bit different and move a few furniture pieces to different spots in the room.  I'd keep your couches in the same spot, maybe space them a little farther from the wall to try to make room for some small side tables on both sides or a floor lamp.  I'd add some kind of farmhouse-style ottoman or coffee table in the center of the sitting area.  I'd also move your bookcase to the sitting area wall to add some balance to that side of the room and give you a little storage in the sitting area.  I'd move the console table that is now on the wall near the sliding glass doors to the back wall.  This would give you room to add maybe a bench on the wall near the sliding door or a taller piece of furniture (like a hutch or cabinet).  If you added a bench I would do some kind of storage/shelving above it just to add some height and balance out the room.  Basically filling each open wall with a furniture piece to anchor it and then adding some interest above it with photos, pictures, or architectural pieces.  

Below are some of my favorite inspiration photos for your space + I've listed my ideas below each one:

I love the overall style and neutral color scheme of this space.  I'd like to add a similar style rug, curtains, and pillows to your room to pull everything together.  I also like how they used old windows and doors to fill the open walls.

Another neutral color scheme with some pops of black and I really love the style of gallery wall here.  I'd love to do something similar on your right hand wall incorporating lots of 3-dimensional items with photos/signs/frames.  I also love this style of distressed coffee table for your room.

This is kind of what I was picturing for the open wall to the left of the sliding doors- some kind of bench with a focal wall above either with large architectural pieces or open shelving.  I like how they used the reclaimed wood here to fill the space.

I think it would completely brighten up the room to either whitewash or paint the brick on your fireplace, it also might be fun to add some reclaimed beams in here to accent the high ceilings.  I love the combination of the bright white with the reclaimed wood. 

I love this idea for a family photo gallery wall- all black frames on bright white walls.

Another living room that I love the overall style/decor of.  I'd love to add some accessories like above- old ladders, lanterns, printed pillows, baskets, etc.  I also like the neutral jute rug and reclaimed wood coffee table. 

Another super clean gallery wall with uniform white frames.  I'd love to distress or stain your console table to look more like this one or you could also handle a slightly larger style if you wanted to get a new one.

I love the pops of blue and green in this room and the shiplap behind the television.  I've listed some more ideas for your fireplace/television area below but I do really like the idea of doing some reclaimed wood shiplap from the mantle up to the ceiling to create a focal point there.  

Another fun reclaimed wall behind the telelvision- I also like how they added the sconces on each side of the tv too.  I love this coffee table, the printed rug, and all the accessories in this space too!

I would love to have an old ladder leaning somewhere in your living room for blankets.  I love the simple neutral color scheme in here and all the accessories.

I also thought it might be fun and help fill up the tall blank wall behind the couch, to add a sliding barn door to the entrance from the front entry.  We could even use an antique door or something similar and put that on a slider too.  Adding a few elements like that will add so much character to the house and give it that fixer upper farmhouse feel!

Another bright and neutral space that I love the overall styling of.  Love the size and style of this coffee table too and I think that size would be perfect for your space.  I also love the addition of the taller hutch behind the couch and I think a tall piece of furniture like this would be good on the left hand wall if you decide not to do a bench there.  


This is what I was picturing for open shelving if you decided to do that on the left hand wall above the bench.


I love this arrangement to dress up the area around the television too and I love all the accessories they used in here.  I'd love to add some items like these baskets to the walls for some texture.  

Above is an example of white-washed brick for the fireplace.  I'd probably leave your mantle wood and distress it or stain it.  Your husband might even be able to build us a slightly larger, deeper mantle too that would fit the space better.  I'd keep the mantle area super clean since the television is up there and just do something simple and tall on each side of the tv like candlesticks, lanterns, or vases.  We could decorate the bottom ledge area with a basket and a few accessories too.

I love this white-washed brick and how the custom molding is built around the fireplace to make it feel more substantial.  Adding some molding and a large mantle like this would help add character to the room and make the fireplace such a pretty focal point too.


One more idea to fill the blank walls- I'd love to incorporate plenty of old architectural pieces like doors, windows, and moldings for character.  These might be perfect items to fill the space on that tall open ledge on the back wall near the ceiling.

Here are just some suggestions based on items that I mentioned above for this space.  As always if you see something you like but would like to find it in a slightly different style/price range- I can definitely help with that!  It helps for me to know exactly what you like best and then I often find similar items while thrifting or shopping for better prices!  You can click on any item to see the prices or more info too!